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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine (download)
Role playing
with Mosaics, H Voice Only
$9.95    MG point:49
On Sale:
May 8, 2015
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
3.6 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The crowdfunded success, Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine!
is now being released exclusively on Manga Gamer!

This is a fun little game where our hero, Mery, and her maid, Mary go out and try to discover a valuable artifact in Cipangu (the old Portuguese name for Japan).  But why are they going?  Mery is about to graduate from her magic academy and needs to prove to her worth! - And her trusty ~SUPER MAID~ Mary isn't going to let her go alone!

In Mary’s hometown of Hinaya village, they find an old ruined shrine and explore its depths together!  However, it's hard for our two girls to get through their quest without running into some troubles along the way!  Many dangerous men and monsters lay deep in the shrine, and they're going to need and an ample amount of battle prowess and sexual prowess in order to survive!

Mery - our heroine! She is the only child of a wealthy British family, and attends a western magic academy. Her final magic academy graduation requirement is to obtain ”something of value”. She sought the aid of her maid, Mary, and has traveled to Cipangu to search for an ancient artifact in order to pass her exam.

She’s an introverted girl who has a problem speaking with others. Mery lacks self-confidence and it often manifests as stutters in her speech. She’s never held hands with a man before. However, despite her timid personality, due to her affluent upbringing she can firmly stand against her difficulties when it counts.

Mery’s quite skilled in offensive magic, she can also attack with her staff, if necessary.
Mary is a maid who was born in Cipangu. Her true name is Maria, but she changed it to Mary so it could more closely match ”Mery”. She traveled across the ocean once already to serve Mery in her noble home out in the West.

Her attitude may seem reckless, but she’s actually quite studious. Since she’s attracted to Mery, she’s also cultivated her skills with both genders during her maid training. She’s playful, mischievous, and has a flare for dark magic - but she forgoes those abilities in favor of her ”deluxe maid outfit”. It has countless hidden items, including knives, poison arrows, and blow darts - just to name a few.

Required CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz or equivalent
Required Memory: 512MB
Required HDD Free Space: 400MB

Good start for more RPG
This is a good start to introduce more H RPGs made through RPG Maker. There are plenty of decent ones out there but I could never play them since without understanding the dialogue I could not continue and unlock more events of these RPG Maker H games. Hopefully this means more will be translated in the future
Good Game Good Price
30 H scenes
Cute main character and good side character
Both characters are voiced and are really good in my opinion
Not that grindy (there is no real xp leveling you kill mobs for drops and I think skill points, but leveling up comes from bosses and new skills are bought with coins)
Fun Gameplay
Gallery mode when you complete the game
First official HRPG translated (atleast on mangagamer)

I dont know why it's advertised as Yuri when it really only has like 2 yuri scenes (out of 30)
I did say it isn't that grindy but sometimes you don't get the drop you need.
Some scenes are unavoidable, so those who don't like rape might be turned off by this.
Relatively short although you might go back to unlock all scenes (In the gallery room you can talk to the dog to unlock all scenes)

All in all I recommend this game to those who enjoy a little H in their RPG.

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