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euphoria (download)
Without Mosaics, Female Full Voice
    MG point:112
On Sale:
Nov 27, 2015
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
4.9 out of 5 (19 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Nemu Manaka
”You’re such a cutie.”
”...But I have to say, I prefer more vicious men.”

Second year student at Rokukeikan Academy. Keisuke’s classmate.

A beauty beyond everyone’s reach who’s always by herself in class. Despite being classmates with Keisuke and Kanae, she has hardly interacted with them.

Observant, quick-witted, and physically fit.
Even in this extreme situation she keeps her cool, as she quickly figures out Keisuke’s hidden lusts, and then gently persuades him to unleash them.

She confuses and toys with Keisuke with her capricious nature and suggestive actions.
Her true intentions are unknown.
Kanae Hokari
”I’m... your ally...
No matter what happens, or what happens to me...
I’ll be fine...”

Second year student at Rokukeikan Academy.
Keisuke’s childhood friend and classmate.
She and Keisuke trust one another.

A kind girl, always caring for those around her and never losing her smile. Not only is she kind, but she’s also capable of expressing her opinion when the situation demands it.

Typically viewed as an underclassman due to her baby face and short height. Secretly has a complex about this. On the other hand, her breasts continue to develop, causing her grief as the size of her uniform constantly changes.
Rinne Byakuya
”If those are the rules, then we have to abide by them.
No matter how absurd they may be.”

Second year student at Rokukeikan Academy. A member of the discipline committee.

A frigid beauty with long, black hair. Her methodical nature and strictness often causes discomfort to the people around her. She values order and control with a tendency to be hard on those that don’t follow the rules.

She’s often thought to prefer to be left alone, but she frequently participates in readings and volunteers to clean. Tries to be a good member of society.
Rika Makiba
”Senpai won’t do anything to hurt Rika, right?
Because Rika likes...”

First year student at Rokukeikan Academy.
Belongs to the same astronomy club as Keisuke and Kanae.

Follows Keisuke around like a puppy, and often comes to invite him to the club after class is over.

Somewhat spoiled, a cry-baby, and sociable, she’s viewed as something like a mascot and beloved by her fellow classmates. Has a lovable nature to her that lets her get off the hook even when she screws up.
Natsuki Aoi
”Don’t worry about it.
I couldn’t let the others take part in this.
This is my duty as a teacher.”

Newly appointed English teacher at Rokukeikan Academy this year.In charge of the third year students.

Very popular among students for her beauty, kindness, and gentle nature.

Other teachers sometimes view her as lacking in strictness as a teacher, thus allowing her students to walk all over her, but she doesn’t take it personally.

An optimist that believes things will always work out.
Miyako Andou
”Cut the crap and let us out of here already!
This is a crime! Got it?!”

Second year student at Rokukeikan Academy.
Keisuke’s classmate and also serves as the class rep.

A very serious girl of firm character.
Often shunned by the slacker students, but no one truly dislikes her.Everyone relies on her as class rep.

Consequently, her personality is disastrous in this extreme situation. Forfeits the game and is eliminated as a result.

Required CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz
Recommended CPU: Core2 Duo
Required Memory: 1GB
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 1024 x 768
Required Colors: 16bit
Recommended Colors: 32bit
Required Graphics: VRAM 32MB
Recommended Graphics: VRAM 64MB
Required HDD Free Space: 2.5GB

Stupid but Great
I'm not sure I agree with others who seem to be claiming this is the best storyline ever written in an adult VN. Yes it's good, but let's not get carried away. I'm not saying you shouldn't get this game, because you should, especially if you like extreme stuff, I'm just saying it's no Code Geass. Because while it is entertaining, and there are some cool twists, I'm very hesitant to call the storyline smart. I can't really go into detail without giving away spoilers, but in general a SMART storyline gives you a chance to guess the ending, and any twists along the way, before you reach it. Now there is one very cool twist which they do pretty well, in my opinion, and I guess lots of people would call it the main or at least most important one, but this barely makes up for all the other explanations for everything they give towards the end, of which there was absolutely no possibility of working out or even many hints and foreshadowing to notice the second time you play it.

Now I've been overly negative there with my main criticism so let me back up a little bit. This is the best adult VN I've ever played. Easily. Let's go into the usual categories...

==Story & Writing: (8/10)==
This story is really good, it's engaging and you want to understand everything that's going on, which makes you keep going. The final explanation is interesting and logical. Not smart, realistic (even if you assume the technology is possible) or guessable, but logical. The characters are all caricatures and one dimensional but still lovable and you're invested in at least some of them. 8 out of 10 is a really good score for an adult VN, because let's be honest it's not the main reason you're here, if it was you'd be reading Tolkein or Shakespeare or whatever you're into.

In classic Japanese fashion, the girls all commentate what's happening to them in high pitched voices during the H-scenes. Even the shy ones, and even when they're supposed to be experiencing something for the first time. I understand this is because it's a story and this helps immerse the player in the experience, but it's all the same and really tires me out when every single scene happens this way. Personally I think the shy people should stay shy and quiet even during sex.

==Translation: (10/10)==
Translation is perfect. Enough said.

==Music: (9/10)==
Music that exists is great but for such a long game it could have had a little more variety.

=Graphics: (7/10)==
I'm not sure what you're expecting me to be able to tell you here, look at the preview art and as long as you like the style, you'll like the game. In terms of H-scenes, they have sufficient images for each scene but no animation or anything. Backgrounds are extremely repetitive, partly because so many rooms in the story are the same, i.e. four white walls.

==Sex: (10/10)==
Obviously this is personal opinion but they really push the boat out here and have a great mix of consensual and non-consensual scenes. If you don't like non-consensual stuff, this game is not for you.

==Overall: (4.5/5)==
If you can afford to, buy this game. It's one of a kind and should go down in history as one of the greats. It is a masterpiece but it's still an H-game, not an Oscar winning movie.
honest opinion
i have seen all these 5 stars reviews but i don't see anyone talking about the flaws it has so here is my non bias review that will hopefully help people on the fence to get the game.


first anyone that has heard about euphoria knows it has fetishes and it supposed to be hardcore but honestly is not that bad like everyone makes it look like. The game has around 3 scat scenes (poop) so if you are not into that you wont have to suffer too much.

the VN divides its fetishes in 5 ways, what i mean is at the beginning you choose who to rape so the scenes with fetishes are divided by heroines (5) so you will only see some scenes if you choose certain girls, you don't have to worry about watching disturbing stuff all the time that's pretty much the first arc of the VN.

The second arc will reveal some of the story and will have vanilla sex so if you were scared about not enjoying the game because of it being "hardcore" you don't have to worry about it.


While playing the game you will be confused all the time (that's on purpose) each ending will not talk about whats really going on until you decide to play the true ending however that doesn't mean you will waste your time if you decide to play the other routes since you will learn the backstory of each character by doing so.

Mangagamer said that the correct way to play the game is using the following order "Rika, Aoi, Rinne, Nemu and Kanae"
i personally have to say that only 3 routes are important and 2 are not, this is my recommendation "Rinne, Nemu and Kanae after thinking too much about it the other two routes don't offer enough info to be considered important into the true ending. That doesn't mean the routes are bad or not worth the time however when it comes to unveiling the true story these routes are meaningless but are good fap material if you want to clear them.

The reason i'm recommending the 3 important routes first vs all 5 is because repeating the first arc 5 times will get to you and will start to feel like a chore then again you might enjoy all the sex scenes and fetishes being showed but it still feels like the first arc drags on too long to be replayed five times.


When it comes to gore the game doesn't have too much of it, don't get me wrong there are torture scenes but not blood and when there is blood is not as much so don't worry about having to look away.

as for disturbing images there are a few wtf worthy moment mostly towards true end and well there is one particular ending named (at least in the guide i followed) brute/devil ending that will disturb you is some ways...... well i rather not talk about it because i want it to be a surprise so if you want some of that weird stuff get this ending or don't HAHAHAHAH!

There is not too much to say about it other than phenomenal!


I can't give this game a 5 because of the true ending once you reach it you will understand, that being said it has an interesting story, the music is awesome and the art is gorgeous.

One last warning i would recommend this game to someone curious about some of these fetishes otherwise "regular people" will not find it as attractive so hopefully i persuaded someone to reconsider getting the game.

i would recommend watching the hentai version of the game but only episode 5 after doing the true ending since the hentai version added something the true ending is missing in the VN so watch the last 6 minutes of the episode if i remember correctly, you will feel better i promise i'm sure the team knew something was missing on the VN so they redeemed themselves with the hentai version.

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