Jun 21, 2019
Today is our first release from our new 3rd party partner KENZsoft - Super Naughty Maid! 2! Fully 3D, animated, and voices all included! 10% off this week!
Jun 14, 2019
Voices, uncensored h-scenes, and full length battle animation - get it all in Ideology of Friction, 30% off on release week from Kagura games!
Jun 13, 2019
Today we’re releasing The Expression Amrilato - a game about ideas of communication, social connections, and building lasting, meaningful relationships with others. This one is localized by us, so give it a try!
Jun 07, 2019
Help Princess Eris take her country back in Ordeal of Princess Eris!
Jun 07, 2019
Date your beautiful work mates at a ice cream parlor in Aisu Paradise!