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Rance Quest
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Beat Angel Escalayer R (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, Partially Voiced
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Jun 11, 2020
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The superhero tasked with fighting Dai-Lust and its monster army.

A power-generation device known as the Dynamic ba-Dump Dynamo (DDD for short) throbs within her body, allowing her to generate fearsome amounts of energy through increased sexual arousal.

She’ll get raped if she loses in battle, but that will ultimately prove to her benefit, as the DDD will generate energy regardless of how voluntary her arousal is. Her ultimate technique is the ”Sublimit Escalation,” wherein her ribbon blade tears her foes asunder.
Sayuka Kouenji
The girl who transforms into Escalayer.

A glasses-clad girl with a mostly-submissive personality, her consciousness has been transferred into a militarized bio-body. She’s quite curvy, but Sayuka herself is only concerned about her butt being too big.

Due to how essential the D2 energy her heart generates is for battle, she will never refuse any of Kyouhei’s requests, no matter how perverted the things he demands of her may be.
Madoka Kouenji
Escalayer’s support android.

She’s blunt and (at times) inconsiderate, which can cause problems for Sayuka and Kyouhei. Her programming is not based on the three laws of robotics, so she will do literally whatever it takes to destroy Dai-Lust.
Ryouko Kiritani
A widow who recently moved into the house next to Sayuka’s.

She’s kind to Kyouhei and Sayuka, her neighbors, and freely gives them advice whenever they come to her for help.

Required CPU: Intel Core i3
Required Memory: 2GB+
Required Resolution: 1024x768
Required Colors: Full Color
Required Graphics: VRAM 256MB
Required HDD Free Space: 2.3GB+
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

A RPG with true stakes.
This is Visual Novel with pretty good RPG mechanics. Instead of just making story choices like in most Visual Novels,(Even though those are here to). You must instead wage a war against a invading alien army. The war is just fought by just one girl the titular Escalayer.

Because of this you can't be everywhere at once. You have to manage your time of rest, fighting and fucking.

See in this game you don't play as the Escalayer. But some blonde dude named Kyouhei. He is the one who makes all the choices in what to do and commands her around in battle.

If your not careful the panic in the city will go out of control, so you need to stay on top of the alien invasion. But if you fight to much your stats will fall behind, so you need to fuck. But if you fuck to much you get tired, then you need to rest. But then if you rest the aliens will take over, so you need to fight.

Its kind of like the Doom Eternal system of Armour Ammo and Health. But instead its Libido,D2 Energy, and panic levels. You must make sure that these are always kept in check. You cant just grind levels, and you cant just throw yourself at enemies.

To be honest this whole set up could carry a game on its own if it had a bit more depth.

But here is the thing, this game is a Hentai game, obviously. But in turn this game is very intense. You never know what the fucks going to happen because they don't give a fuck about anything in japan. If you care about the characters at all your afraid these weird monsters are going to sexually assault someone. So when ever your in a fight in this game the stakes are very high. With good planning your stats should out pace the aliens. And you could save scum. But even still, I have not felt this much threat from a alien invasion since Mass Effect 3. If you die in this game you don't just get a game over. Its much worse, so don't fucking die.

Like in mass effect, you can also be a horrible person in this. Or at least I assume you can. The game has "brutal" choices, I can only guess what fucked shit you can do.But if you turn away from these you can build up a love meter. The main character is not very nice starting off. But it seems some of the later love choices are a bit kinder. In turn I am guessing the bigger the brutal meter gets the more horrible he becomes. Again just like the Paragon and Renegade system in mass effect.

This games RPG systems are what sells it. The amount of outcomes and things that can happen in this game are pretty impressive. If you boil it down though it seems to be structured like this.

There is a love path and a brutal path. And every fight has a win and loss stage. And their seems to be two side characters that have a set of optional scenes with. That might not sound like much but when your in the game it feels very dynamic.

If you like RPG games with intense stories then this one is for you. It can just feel like slice of life stuff at times, but the alien threat is always looming and is very horrifying. You can beat them with the power of love, but it won't be easy. Don't fuck it up.

But yeah for what it is its a 5/5 could not really think of anything its missing.

Magical Girl Antics Galore!
Do you get ecstatic when a magical girl fights a wacky monster of the week? Do you get orgasmic if the magical girl gets raped by the same monster in a fan doujin? Do I have the title for you!

All of that aside, the best way to decide for sure if you'll like this game is to buy Beat Blades Haruka first since that is cheaper and is largely similar to this title. They are different in small various ways, but your impression of Haruka shouldn't differ too drastically from your impression of Escalayer. That said, Haruka isn't in HD while Escalayer is, so if that's a huge issue for you then you can jump right into this title.

One last piece of advice, make sure you unlock and beat the real final boss of this game who appears after the credits of the true love ending. While the side character routes are skippable if you don't like Madoka or Ryouko, the game feels incomplete without the post credit events pertaining to him.

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