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Wanting Wings

One of the best
Yuri VN I ever
read the
characters are
great the story
is interesting
and it 's very
easy to get

Lucy Got Problems (download)
Without Mosaics, No voice
$7.95    MG point:39
On Sale:
Jan 31, 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows 10
4.0 out of 5 (1 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

An energetic succubus protagonist. She’s a spy of the Legion of Darkness, and her current dream is to discover what her high-ranked mistresses’ panties look like. Despite being a demon, Lucy is actually a kind and credulous person that constantly gets herself into strangest situations.

...Oh, and she’s also extremely irresponsible. And lazy. And naughty. It’s only natural for a demon to be impish, right?
A powerful demon priestess, wielding unrivaled magical power, Tiamat is in command of Lucy’s regiment within the Legion. Behind her cold and aloof facade, she’s a ruthless and manipulative leader, well-versed in the minutiae of demonic power struggle.
A young and shy elf girl, fulfilling her dream to join the Forest Guardians –­ a caste of elite warriors. Being romantic, kind and peaceful person at heart, she’s still willing to fight for her homeland.
An accomplished Forest Guardian and a veteran of countless conflicts, a fierce protector of the elven realms. Her staunch determination is only rivaled by her pedantry and strict adherence to rules and traditions of her people.

Required CPU: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
Required Memory: 512 MB RAM
Required HDD Free Space: 800 MB

Fun and sexy
I had a really good time with LGP. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a cheerful little adventure in lewdness.

+ Artwork looks cute and pleasing to the eye.
+ The writing is excellent. Characters are likeable and the story even squeezes in some touching moments.
+ Jokes are plenty and genuinely hilarious.

~ Music is just ok, fits neatly in the background.
~ Only a hand full of actual sex scenes and they are a little on the short side. Most of it amounts to sexy teasing rather than full blown fap fuel. Whether that's a plus or minus is a matter of preference.
~ Speaking of preference, LGP tries very hard to steer clear of non-con content. If you're tired of all hentai being all rape all the time it's a welcome change of pace to see a girl enjoying the caress of tentacles for once.

- No voice acting.
- On multiple playthroughs clicking through the same options can get tedious, especially in the latter half of the game it offers barely any different routes to take.
- A bit of an open ending with some questions left unanswered. Seems there are more chapters planned?

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