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Funbag Fantasy 2 (download)
Without Mosaics, Partially Voiced
    MG point:202
On Sale:
Nov 21, 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Cup Size: F
A mercenary hired by the bandit gang harassing Boobshire. According to her agreement with the boss, the gang does not assault girls while she works with them.
Cup Size: H
A marchioness, the liege of Succubshire Castle, and a powerful noblewoman. She is very mature and voluptuous. Her favorite drink is semen.
Cup Size: DDD
A proud elf and a swordswoman serving Her Ladyship Shaharl. Her fencing skills appear to be quite respectable. A fighting beauty of youthful charms.
Cup Size: J
The queen consort and a wife. Although she holds no legal political power, sometimes she does ask the king for a favor or gently remonstrates him. She has the air of a graceful married woman with plenty of maternal milk... but due to not sleeping with the king recently, she feels frustrated.
Cup Size: G
A mermaid whom the protagonist meets in rural Boobshire. She is pure, innocent, and devoted... but at the same time, submissive and lewd. A busty girl whose forte is the titjob.

Required CPU: Pentium 4
Recommended CPU: Core 2 Duo
Required Memory: 1GB
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 1280x720
Required Colors: Full Color
Sounds: PCM Compatible
Required Graphics: 64MB VRAM
Recommended Graphics: 128MB VRAM
Required HDD Free Space: 3.1GB+
Recommended HDD Free Space: 5GB+
DirectX: DirectX 8.0a

I find it really funny how I found out about this series originally from a poor hentai adaption I watched a long time ago (seriously it had to be mid 2000s) but I'm that I bumped into the Manga Gamer booth that Anime NYC in 2017 and found my favorite hentai's source material in Funbag 1 which was FANTASTIC. The lead translator and script writer had heavily recommended it and I've been looking forward to more.

Funbag 2 is more of the genuinely good story telling alongside amazing CGs of stunning proportions. I find myself to be more of the lower persuasion but even I have to admit that I enjoy this titillating adventure. Ruin is once again a treat as an MC and is actually more engaging in this story as he is written more observative than Lute who for the most part just bumbled his way to a W. Ruin actually strategies a lot more and is more active in the story so it was really easy to get behind him.

The girls aside from Lorelia were all super fantastic and much deserved of there heroine status. Isis was my favorite in the original and while Elysia threaded similar ground she stood apart from her with a more caring attitude. Lorelia was obviously made in the game much later than the other 4 which hurt a bit in the store as her scenes were added in places that made it feel padded with H Scenes but didn't feel bad enough to make me just want to skip which is a plus.

Who doesn't love an underdog story?! I can't help but get excited when I see a come uppins in a story. Funbag 2 delivered on having me think of the game every second I wasn't playing with it; which even a lot of non H games have trouble doing these days for me.

All in all similarly to RJ17 I do wish Waffle would include some more play, the games one anal scene was much to short but it is a game about tits so I digress. Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing game. I give it 10/10 full praises. If you're a purveyor of Visual Novels and need a good entry point, the Funbag Series is probably if not the best series on this site so start with part 1. Can't wait for gaiden 2 and the eventually part 3. See you guys at Anime NYC 2020.
Absolutely Fantastic
I have to say that I enjoyed this much more than the first game. Not to say the first game was bad, but this one is better in pretty much every possible way.

All the lovely ladies from the first one were great, but personally I enjoy the exotic nature of the fantasy races in this one. Kinda wish nymphs in this universe weren't just succubi without wings, tails, or horns, but oh well. The characters are all pretty unique for the most part, the closest parallel would be that Elysia is basically Isis 2.0...probably why I like the Elf route the most while the solo Isis route was my favorite from the first game.

Gotta be honest: I really didn't like Lute from the first game. I'm fine with being laid back, easy-going, and relying mostly on luck...but what killed it for me was that Lute was as dense as a brick of lead. He could be told something multiple times by multiple people and even experience/see the evidence for himself but still somehow manage to think "Nope! That can't be how it is!" The later you get into the game the denser he gets. Ruin, on the other hand, is a bit doofy at times, but throughout the game he displaces the true depths of his latent talent and brilliance. You really feel that he could have been a top student if he just wasn't so care-free and boob-obsessed. There is a point during the harem route that made me face-palm due to him having the same flaw of Lute of desperately eating and drinking anything that's put in front of him no matter if it's from someone he KNOWS is an enemy or not, but for the most part he excels due to his own hidden talent, the support of his lovely ladies, and of course a nice handful of luck.

Kinda-sorta the same "zero to hero" theme. The difference being, as mentioned above, Ruin shows himself to be a capable person while still maintaining the same boob obsession and laid-back, care-free attitude as Lute.

H Scenes:
The quality matches the first in terms of art, if not better as the artists themselves have gotten better over time. /Personally/ I liked the scenes in this game a lot better than the first one, but again that goes for my personal tastes towards the fantasy races that make up the harem in this game. Elf, Dark Elf, Mermaid, Succubus, Nymph > Human, human, human, human, succubus, half-nymph. Again, that's just me, though. One thing I do wish is that there was more variety in the actual acts. I understand that with a game called Funbag Fantasy there's going to be a LOT of tit-jobs (and good lord there certainly are), but a few more straight-up BJ's or some good ol' cunnilingus would have been nice. Still, I really enjoyed all the scenes.

If you enjoyed the first game then there's absolutely no reason you wouldn't enjoy this one. Again, with the exception of Elysia basically being another version of Isis, all the ladies have pretty unique personality, so it's fun to "get to know" them all.

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