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Kinkoi: Golden
Time (download)

A wonderful
follow up on
the awesome
original, if
you haven 't
read it, get
it! Quite the
line up of

Eternal Torment (download)
Without Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Oct 1, 2020
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The protagonist of this story.

She possesses no memories of her past and is treated like an animal by Gegg, her master. Eventually she becomes immortal, and is horribly abused by the townspeople.

After escaping from the king’s town, she lives through Middle Age Europe, the American frontier, Meiji Japan, and our present day, growing stronger as a person all the while.
A woman from the upper classes of the king’s society.

She has the right to attend parties in the castle and despises our lower-class heroine. She enjoys tormenting the protagonist and setting men upon her.
The King of a Ruined World
The king ruling over the only town that still exists in a wasteland covering the whole planet.

The king is immortal, and is said to be the source of all life. Nobody knows the truth, but the people of the town venerate the king just the same.
One of the ladies who lives in the castle of the vampire Gustave.

She looks after the protagonist when she is taken by Gustave and accompanies her on her travels. She used to be a normal human being, but has since become Gustave’s kin.

She provides invaluable advice and support to the protagonist.
A vampire who has sucked the blood of many women and brought them home to live in his castle.

He looks horrifying, and the villagers fear him as a demon and a monster. When the protagonist arrives in his world, he takes her back to his castle and she becomes one of his ladies.
A little girl who strongly resembles the protagonist.

It is a mystery as to who she really is.

Required CPU: Pentium III 1GHz
Required Memory: 512MB
Required Resolution: 800 x 600
Sounds: DirectSound PCM
Required HDD Free Space: 3GB
Recommended HDD Free Space: 5GB
DirectX: 8.0a

Greatly enjoyed
The plot is definitely the main focus here and the characters are well written. Really enjoyed Mary as a character and would have liked her and the protag to have more scenes.
Very unique visual novel
This VN is honestly a bit tough to describe, if I'm honest, but I will try my best.
It is a wild romp throughout history from the lens of a character with a rather unique deal that is treated as the metaphysical bombshell it truly is, and in fact might be one of the only pieces of media that truly considers what immortality means compared to the usual human experience. To be frank, some of these concepts would not fit into any other genre except a straight up novel.
OF course, this is a adult game, and it pays off in that respect: there are a lot of scenes involving either our very attractive protagonists or her numerous backup dancers, which include all those on this cast page, but also quite a few more. (Poutin should have had more scenes!).
Warning: some of these are quite a bit violent, specifically the 'Bad end' ones, and there will be a few gruesome deaths in a select few, but it's not a crazy surprise, so feel free to skip if you feel squeamish.
This game isn't perfect, the protagonist is a tad too lackluster and passive until Chapter 3, and I found most of Chapter 2 a bit slow in comparison to the rest, for admittedly valid reasons but it was a fun time period so it feels like a missed opportunity there. But the characters and circumstances are great, and the world that develops (our world but not quite) is an engrossing one, with a memorable protagonist's journey.

PS: I will say that the cast page is in fact a fair bit misleading? It is missing one of the biggest antagonists (who is almost solely responsible for the tentacle tag), and one of the most important side characters, Zouyabo, yet it shows Little whose very existence is a huge spoiler, and Gustave, who is more of a concept than a character really, or Milldiom, who really does like, two things that have any import. They had a very large import, but still.
Anyway, go get it, have fun with it, and remember to enjoy the time you have, whether that be lewd times or just time with friends. Good luck xD

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