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The art is
excellent, the
BGM is good,
and the story
has elements of
reasoning (but
the premise is
not enough),

OZMAFIA!! (download)
All Ages, Partially Voiced
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Apr 29, 2016
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The Girl With No Memories: Fuka
The heroine of the story. She has no memories from before she awoke, not even of her own name. Famiglia Oz takes her in, saving her from a sword-waving man. She’s a cheerful, optimistic girl who’s honest to a fault.
The Courageous Lion: Caramia
The don of famiglia Oz. Kind and magnanimous, he’s beloved by the townspeople. He invites our hapless protagonist to live at the Oz estate. He carries two pistols, but his greatest weapon is the undying loyalty of his subordinates.
The Sly Scarecrow: Kyrie
The consigliere of famiglia Oz. Don’t let his gentle demeanor fool you; he’s a calculating man with a heart black as soot. He is universally recognized as a sadist. While he’s a crack shot with anything he puts his hands to, he prefers not to dirty his own hands if at all possible, especially when others are so easily manipulated.
The Taciturn Tin Woodsman: Axel
The brusque caporegime of famiglia Oz. Generally speaking, he lacks personal interests and would prefer to follow orders rather than act of his own initiative. He carries a shotgun, but he’s more likely to swing it as a club than to actually pull its trigger.
Little Red Sniper-Hood: Scarlet
One of famiglia Grimm’s caporegimes. He’s level-headed, polite, and conscientious. He has no interest in the constant conflicts, and would prefer to solve disputes with words rather than combat. The sniper rifle he always carries on his shoulder never seems to see use. In fact, it seems to weigh him down in ways far beyond its size...
The Stern Puss in Boots: Pashet
The don of famiglia Boots. A knight with a strong sense of justice, she’s stern and serious about everything. She leads her famiglia as a disciplined army. The sword she wears at her waist is just like her: steely, keen, and unyielding.
The Hedonistic Proprietor: Dorian Gray
Manager of the brothel on Oscar Wilde Street. An elegant and decidedly ’adult’ man, he values pleasure above all else and lives only for the present. As the custodian of the town church, he also acts as a priest.
The Happy Masochistic Prince: Alfani
The most popular male prostitute at the brothel, Oscar Wilde. He has a beauty that enthralls both men and women alike. He’s a natural-born masochist, but as a service-minded fellow, he’s equally capable at sadism should the client ask. While he has absolutely no skills outside the bedroom, he’d gladly risk his life to protect his friends.
The Devoted Sparrow: Manboy
The concierge of the brothel Oscar Wilde. Faithful and sincere, he has the full confidence of Dorian Gray, caring for the proprietor’s affairs whether they be financial, personal, or deadly.
The Masked Doctor: Robin Hood
He’s the town’s only doctor, running Sherwood Clinic for the benefit of the people. Contrary to his mysterious appearance, he’s a rather simple man. He treats everyone equally, regardless of famiglia affiliation or social status. He rarely goes out into town except on house calls, eschewing personal entertainments to remain at the clinic.
The Big Bad Wolf: Caesar
The leader of the band of outlaws, the Wolf Gang. Cruel and cunning, he has no qualms about hurting people with his two swords. He’s the first one to discover our heroine, and is very persistent about capturing her.
The Pure-Hearted Pacifist: Soh
A member of the Wolf Gang and Caesar’s right-hand man. A strange companion to the scary Caesar, he’s a kind, cheerful, and affable young man. He sets up shop in the center of town on the weekends, running a café so he can share the joy of cooking with everyone else.

Required CPU: Pentium Ⅲ 500MHz
Required Memory: 256 MB+
Required Resolution: 999x562
Required Colors: Full Color
Sounds: Direct Sound Compatible
DirectX: 9.0+

Amazing characters and story!
This game is great. The characters have amazing and fun personalities with very good backstories and their interactions with Fuka (who's also nameable) are very amusing. Another thing I like very much is Fuka because, while she may be a little ditzy and happy-go-lucky she's still not your stereotypical otome heroine and is very lovable!

The story in most of the routes is very cute and simple and there's no bad endings. When you finish those you can play the Epilogue and Grand Finale where most of the story is explained and that is just done amazingly well. I was so drawn in I couldn't stop playing.

The art is also super appealing and the soundtrack really fits the mood! There's also a lot of side-characters!

I'm a huge otome game fan and this is probably my favourite one ever.
A wonderful story
This game is great. There are so many interesting characters and I love listening to them all.

A lovely, optimistic main character, and a lovely town with a fairy tale motif. I enjoyed Ozmafia very much.

Every route had a different feeling: some of them felt light and cute, others were funny and maybe a even little twisted, and at least one of had a much darker story (I was surprised since most of the good otome games are very tame.)

Very well written and well translated. I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone that loves visual novels. : )

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