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What are Visual Novels?
Easy to get into and plenty of replay value

Enjoying visual novels, also known as Hentai ("Perverted" in Japanese), Bishoujo ("Pretty girl" in Japanese) games, or dating simulators, can be enjoyed by anybody from the most hardcore gamer to someone who's never played anything more than Solitaire.

All you need to do is to make Yes/No decisions and enjoy the touching storyline, sophisticated animation and soundtrack, and most importantly, your interaction with the pretty girls (and a few guys).

Depending on the choices that you made, the story will branch out, leading to different outcomes. Sometimes you'll see the same events from a different perspective, filling in gaps in the story, while at other times you'll unlock completely new paths. Depending on how quickly you read and how many routes you unlock, a visual novel can take anywhere from 8 to over 60 hours to read and play through in full.

In order to enhance the experience, many games have convenient functions such as auto mode, which allows you to sit back and take in the game at a set pace until reaching a decision point, quick and full save & load modes, backlog access, and a bonus menu where you can rewatch your favorite scene or listen to the soundtrack.
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If the game doesn't run...

It can sometimes be fixed by following the procedures below.

Step 1
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Step 2
Set the executable so it will override the firewall.
Please refer to the manual of your security software.

When the update service has expired on your security software, there is an high chance that the problem can't be solved. Please perform the above steps after extending your update service.

Please contact our support if the problem still persists, including the following information in your email:

  1. The title of the game and its version info
  2. Version and language of your operating system
  3. Privilege of your OS account (administrator or user)
  4. Version and language of your security software
  5. Do you meet the minimum requirements?
  6. Details of the error message you received. (Please include a screenshot if possible.)

We are unable to answer questions regarding issues that arise when attempting to run the game on an operating system not listed as compatible. ex. OSX/WINE

We can not be held responsible if reconfiguring your security software causes an unexpected problem. Settings are changed at the user's own risk.

If the game's font looks messed up...
If the game's text looks misaligned or incorrectly displayed, you may need to install our default font.
You can download it here: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold

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  • Q. How can I cancel my membership?
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  • Q. What payment methods do you accept?
    A. accepts payment by VISA and MasterCard. Debit and gift cards branded from either company are also accepted.

  • Q. Is there a membership fee?
    A. There is no initial membership fee nor monthly fee. Just purchase and play any game you want, anytime you feel like it.

  • Q. Can I use special characters/accented letters such as 'ö' or 'ç' in my name when I make a payment?
    A. No, unfortunately our payment system does not support these characters.
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  • Q. What should I do after I purchase a game?
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  • Q. I can't download the game.
    A. Your firewall or security software may be restricting your download.
    Please disable it and try again.

  • Q. I'm experiencing problems extracting files.
    A. One of the following could be the reason
    1. Downloaded file may be damaged.
      Delete the file and download it again.
    2. Your PC may be running too many applications.
      Those applications may be using up the memory of your PC.
      Please restart your PC.
    3. Not enough disk space.
      Try deleting some unnecessary files and emptying your recycle bin.
      Installed games require more space than the initial downloads.

  • Q. I didn't receive a confirmation email.
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  • Q. Is my personal information secured?
    A. Your personal information is secured with SSL/TLS which is adopted by major online shopping sites and banking systems.
    Your personal information will not be sold nor given away to third parties by
    However, may be required to provide your information if requested by law enforcement.

  • Q. How does pre-ordering work?
    A. When you pre-order and pay for a product, you will receive its activation code in advance.
    The actual game file will be available for download on the release date.

What is MangaGamer's Policy on Streaming Games and Uploading Video?
We do condone live-streaming our games at length so long as the video is not archived or uploaded elsewhere. However, we strongly ask that you refrain from streaming the final chapters of the game or its character routes in order to encourage fans to purchase the game themselves. Uploaded or archived video falls under the following policy.

Users are permitted to upload and share video of any or all content featured in the free demos available on our website, or the first 20% of a game if such a demo does not exist. Further game content may be uploaded so long as it limited to non-sequential clips which are no more than a few minutes long. These clips may be arranged together in longer videos for the purpose of creating a video review. We DO NOT condone uploading a play-through video or sequence of videos which cover our games from start to finish.

The above is MangaGamer's policy on streaming and uploading video. The individual policies of our Japanese partners take precedence where our partners choose to enforce them, so some videos may be subject to take down requests issued by our partners.

Q. Does MangaGamer Allow Monetization of Streams and Uploaded Video?
A. Yes. So long as your stream or video complies with our policies outlined above, and you include a link back to our website, then we allow monetization. For those seeking to monetize streams and videos, we highly recommend signing up for our Affiliate Program, as this will allow you to earn additional revenue from our site while complying with our link back requirement.

If you have further questions...
If you have any further questions about our site or releases, don't hesitate to contact us at

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