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Well this is
barely a true
VN with only 1
choice that
matters to pick
the end the
only other
appears not to

YuriMulti-OSMulti-LanguageEducation RomanceSlice of LifeComedyDrama
Monster GirlRPG
Big Boobs

HorrorDoujinBizzr MysteryAll AgesMulti-OSMulti-Language

FamilyRomanceSchoolSlice of Life FantasyHardcoreElvesCorruption
HardcoreSci-FiTentacles MagicSchoolComedy
RomanceSchoolYuriMulti-OS RomanceSchoolSlice of LifeDrama
HardcoreSchoolIncestMulti-OS FantasyNear FutureAnimationBig BoobsBattleComedy
MagicRomanceAll Ages AnimationIncestComedy
HardcoreBoys LoveComedyMulti-OS HardcoreOfficeScatComedy
Incest MagicSchoolComedy
FantasyBig Boobs ActionFantasyHardcoreSimulationTentaclesFutanari
MagicSchoolBundleComedy ActionFantasyHardcoreSimulationBattleKemonomimi
FantasyAnimationBig BoobsBattleComedy MagicRomanceSchoolSlice of Life
MagicRomance HardcoreHorrorSuspenseScat

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