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The art is
excellent, the
BGM is good,
and the story
has elements of
reasoning (but
the premise is
not enough),

Himawari - The Sunflower - (download)
All Ages, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Dec 9, 2016
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

An amnesiac young girl who fell from the sky in a vessel that looks like an escape pod. She bears the same name as one of the twelve zodiac signs. Due to her amnesia -- or perhaps her own personality -- Aries’ thoughtless remarks often leave others in a state of dumbfounded shock. Although she possesses the mysterious power to heal wounds with a mere touch, Aries herself doesn’t seem to think of it as anything special.

“The stars... are so beautiful! Look how much they are blinking!”
A girl of many secrets who keeps showing up around Youichi. She too bears the same name as one of the twelve zodiac signs. She acts in a mysterious way, alluding to certain things without revealing key details. However, it appears she knows Aries somehow...
Aqua is distant and aloof around others, unaware of the fact that her facial expression often betrays her true feelings.

“It’s because I’m a failure.”
Saionji Asuka
Youichi’s classmate and childhood friend. Despite being the eldest daughter of a large and influential company’s president, the way she speaks and acts would make anyone genuinely question that fact.
Being a bit of a meddlesome worrywart, she often visits Youichi -- who lives alone -- to help him with household chores. Although Asuka views the Space Club with much disapproval, she nonetheless ends up getting repeatedly entangled in their activities.

"Couldn’t we just use my observatory instead?"
Amamiya Ginga
The somewhat infantile president of the Space Club. With his father being the world-famous astronaut Amamiya Daigo, Ginga too aims for the stars above.
As part of the Space Club’s activities, he’s committed to building a rocket with the goal of reaching the moon. Excelling at both academics and physical activities, Ginga possesses no weaknesses of note. His combat skills are particularly outstanding, rivaling even that of Johnny, the Saionji household’s butler.

Required CPU: Core 2 Duo
Required Memory: 1GB
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 960x544
Required Graphics: VRAM 320MB
Recommended Graphics: VRAM 512MB
Required HDD Free Space: 3GB
DirectX: 9.0c

First playthrough pretty darn good gonna replay for more endings
Wait whats this?
A second hidden chapter after hitting replay? A prequil with difrent characters wow! Realy great!
Ok 3rd playthrough in the original timeline..... OMG everything new more and more of the mystery revealed twists and turns amazing... AMAZING!
4th playthrough even more! What do you mean i have sunk 40 hours in already doea not seem like that while glued to the screen!
What the now theres "tips" mini episodes? 36 of them?

Worth it to buy? Oh my goodness yes if you enjoy twisted mystery, scifi suspence. Amazing just amazing.
good game.
Himawari is a really good game, it's a sci-fi-romance-mystery story, a bit slow at the start.
It's about a certain event, the crash of the space shuttle SA-DAN080, a space shuttle created to transport civilians to space and the hundred of deaths this caused.
This incident affected the lives of the characters of the story in some way, and they're all trying to leave their past behind and move on.
Though it starts as an average moege, it quickly becomes very character focused, Aqua, the main heroine of the game is an incredibly complex character, the game is basically all about her, and that's great because she's amazing.
So yeah, if you like good character drama with a beautiful story and cute girls, you definitely should play this.

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