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The Curse of

The art is
excellent, the
BGM is good,
and the story
has elements of
reasoning (but
the premise is
not enough),

Kindred Spirits on the Roof Drama CD Volume 1 (download)
Drama CD
All Ages, Full Voice
$9.95    MG point:49
On Sale:
Apr 26, 2016
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows 10
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Ano Fuji
"No, but, umm, you mean, err? One of you? Yuna or Nena or Hina-chan? Pretending to... go out with me?!"

A third-year student at Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy. Cheerful and outgoing (on the surface, as least), she’s got lots of hobbies and lots of friends.

Combine that with her princess-like good looks, and she’s also attracted a fair amount of romantic admirers! Troubled by all the attention she’s been getting lately (since she has no interest in IRL romance), she turns to her friends Yuna, Hina, and Nena for help.
Toomi Yuna
"Let’s hold hands, just until the classroom."

Now a third-year at Shirojo, Yuna is Ano’s friend and Hina’s girlfriend.

She’s mature, responsible, and always looking to help out, so when she hears that Ano’s in trouble, she’s more than willing to assist her, even if it means going on a pretend lunch date together!
Komano Hina
"Don’t worry about it. Yuna-nee and I both love you, Ano-chan. We’re happy to help you when you’re in trouble."

A second-year at Shirojo, the vice captain of the track team, and Yuna’s childhood friend and girlfriend. She’s also Ano’s friend after meeting her through Yuna.

When she hears about Ano’s love troubles, she comes up with a plan straight out of one of the (yuri) books Ano’s lent her before and volunteers to be one of Ano’s pretend girlfriends herself as well.
Miyama Nena
"It was fun watching you get all flustered from Hina’s idea. I guess my only miscalculation was getting wrapped up in it myself~"

A gaming buddy of Ano’s, a sleepy third-year in the broadcasting club.

Concerned about all the unwanted attention Ano’s been getting, Nena’s even started coming to school early with her to throw off her more persistent admirers. She agrees to Hina’s plan (since it seems fun) and ends up on a pretend after-school date with Ano.

Recommended Resolution: 1920x1080

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