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OZMAFIA!! Limited Edition (hardcopy)
All Ages, Partially Voiced
$39.95    MG point:199
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Dec 12, 2016
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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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The Girl With No Memories: Fuka
The heroine of the story. She has no memories from before she awoke, not even of her own name. Famiglia Oz takes her in, saving her from a sword-waving man. She’s a cheerful, optimistic girl who’s honest to a fault.
The Courageous Lion: Caramia
The don of famiglia Oz. Kind and magnanimous, he’s beloved by the townspeople. He invites our hapless protagonist to live at the Oz estate. He carries two pistols, but his greatest weapon is the undying loyalty of his subordinates.
The Sly Scarecrow: Kyrie
The consigliere of famiglia Oz. Don’t let his gentle demeanor fool you; he’s a calculating man with a heart black as soot. He is universally recognized as a sadist. While he’s a crack shot with anything he puts his hands to, he prefers not to dirty his own hands if at all possible, especially when others are so easily manipulated.
The Taciturn Tin Woodsman: Axel
The brusque caporegime of famiglia Oz. Generally speaking, he lacks personal interests and would prefer to follow orders rather than act of his own initiative. He carries a shotgun, but he’s more likely to swing it as a club than to actually pull its trigger.
The Big Bad Wolf: Caesar
The leader of the band of outlaws, the Wolf Gang. Cruel and cunning, he has no qualms about hurting people with his two swords. He’s the first one to discover our heroine, and is very persistent about capturing her.
The Pure-Hearted Pacifist: Soh
A member of the Wolf Gang and Caesar’s right-hand man. A strange companion to the scary Caesar, he’s a kind, cheerful, and affable young man. He sets up shop in the center of town on the weekends, running a café so he can share the joy of cooking with everyone else.

Required CPU: Pentium Ⅲ500MHz
Required Memory: 256 MB+
Required Resolution: 999x562
Required Colors: Full Color
Sounds: Direct Sound Compatible
DirectX: 9.0+

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