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A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael (hardcopy)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
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Nov 22, 2019
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Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows 10
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Azumi Risa
Class Representative of the Year 1 ”Snow” class.

She’s a hard worker with a no-nonsense personality, and her assertiveness tends to land her in leadership positions. She’s the half-Japanese daughter of a foreign company with a British mother. She dresses in subdued clothing, but has the build of a model. She’s also big-chested. She does well academically and has good common sense, but whenever she gets into it with Miya, she always gets out-argued and loses her cool. It just so happens that matters of love embarrass her more easily than most, and when the subject comes up, she gets flustered with an adorable expression on her face, and ends up putting her foot in her mouth.
Ayase Miya
A student of the Year 1 ”Snow” class, and a classmate of Risa’s.

She’s the foremost genius on campus, but has difficulty in social situations, keeping her interactions with everyone but Risa to a safe minimum. Her words with Risa are always abrasive. In that same vein, she keeps everyone else at a distance with her speech and behavior.

As a genius, she’s studied abroad and has been offered the chance to skip grades, but interacting with others is a pain for her, so she enrolled in the St. Michael’s school for refined young girls, which seemed easier to manage.She rarely shows weakness and never loses her composure. However, in her more sincere moments, she becomes timid and casts nervous glances from beneath her lashes. She’s actually very feminine, in contrast to how she usually talks.
Sawaguchi Mai
A junior student who’s been attending St. Michael’s since kindergarten.

She comes from an ordinary two-income family.
She isn’t formally on any class committees, but perhaps due to her helpful, sisterly personality, others tend to rely on her. Although a self-avowed ”commoner,” she’s spent so much time at St. Michael’s, she’s gotten quite used to dealing with high-class young ladies. She currently commutes to see Reo, who lives alone despite not having the slightest domestic ability.
Kawamura Reo
A junior student and classmate of Mai’s.

She comes from corporate affluence, and is what you might call a sheltered girl. Despite her childlike stature, long, fluffy hair, refined facial features, and doll-like appearance, she’s socially inept and has an intense shyness around strangers. She remains detached from everyone except Mai, and is a hyper-tsundere who’s like a wild beast in some ways. Both her parents are living overseas, so she lives alone in her apartment. She survives solely on Mai’s cooking.

Required CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
Required Memory: 2.0 GB
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0

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