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Well yeah, i am
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bad review
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no work is a

Rance VI + 5D (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, No voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Dec 23, 2016
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4.9 out of 5 (12 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Occupation: Warrior with the Keith Guild
Level: 10/∞
Skills: Sword LV2, Adventuring LV2
Hobbies: Collecting Shells, Busting Hymens

A man with the aptitude to be a hero, if he weren’t so selfish and driven by sex. For reasons nobody can explain, his talent is limitless.
Sill Plain
Occupation: Rance’s Slave
Level: 10/80
Skills: Magic LV1, Divine Magic LV1
Hobbies: Cooking, Entering Sweepstakes

A mage from Zeth who was kidnapped by slavers and bought by Rance. Takes care of all his cooking and cleaning, assists him on adventures, carries all his stuff, and sleeps with him at night. She initially had an obedience spell cast on her, but unbeknownst to Rance, it has long since worn off, and she stays with him of her own will.
Copandon Dot
Occupation: President of the Dot Company
Level: 15/27
Skills: Omikuji LV1, Management LV2
Hobbies: Making Money

A girl from Portugal who can use the Omikuji method of fortune telling to determine how lucky someone is. Her dream is to get together with someone whose reading is Great Luck. She also has an affinity for money.
Rizna Lanfbit
Occupation: Unemployed
Level: 11/39
Skills: Magic LV1, Self-Defense LV1
Hobbies: ???

A mage from Zeth who somehow ended up in Genbu Castle. So trusting that she’s frequently tricked by others.
Maria Custard
Occupation: Weapon Developer with the Custom Defense Force
Level: 15/35
Skills: Machine LV2, Magic LV1
Hobbies: Weapon Development

A girl from the city of Custom. Maria was raised to be a mage, but had more talent and interest in machine development. Her main inventions are a series of weapons she calls the Tulip series. She has romantic feelings toward Rance, but doesn’t expect him to ever feel the same way.
Kanami Kentou
Occupation: The Leazas Royal Family’s Personal Ninja
Level: 17/40
Skills: Ninja LV1
Hobbies: Reading Shoujo Manga

A ninja who serves Queen Lia of Leazas. Lia orders her to follow and watch Rance at all times. Wishes she could just be a normal girl.
Shizuka Masou
Occupation: Mage with the Custom Defense Force
Level: 18/56
Skills: Magic LV2
Hobbies: Magic Research

A mage from Custom. Ever since her father was killed by a man named Ragarl, she’s spent her life seeking revenge. Rance has a tendency to interrupt her plans at the worst possible time, so she’s come to despise him even more than most people.
Urza Pranaice
Occupation: Leader of Ice Flame
Level: ??/75
Skills: Sword LV1, Bow LV1, Tactics LV1, Politics LV1
Hobbies: Picking Strawberries

The leader of Ice Flame, an anti-government resistance in Zeth. Her legs prevent her from acting on her own, but she does what she can for everyone else. Highly popular.

Required CPU: Pentium 4+
Required Memory: 128MB+
Required Resolution: 640x480+
Sounds: WAV, Direct Sound
Required Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
Required HDD Free Space: 500MB+
DirectX: 9.0c+

The best Eroge series
You just can't regret buying and moreover playing Rance VI. Rance 5D stands as a bonus I'd say, but Rance VI is just awesome.
Thanks a LOT Mangagamer for having brought to us an official translation for the Rance series.
I beg of you, Go on with the remaining ones. I just can't wait for my dream to play Rance quest and Rance IX in english to come true.
Awesome RPG
Rance 5D is pretty fun, but it's just a side bonus. It's a wacky adventure games with some frustrating aspects, so don't force yourself to beat it if you're not having fun with it like I did. There's not much plot, but the characters and their interactions are a joy.

Now, Rance VI is worth 35 dollars and then some. The battle system is quite solid with a somewhat unique aspect of charging up and stunning opponents (even bosses). It's not that unique, but it has some quirks to keep it fresh.

First, the dungeon crawling aspect is where this game really shines. The game is a first person dungeon crawler that has a 3D environment that you can look around in. Climbing up and down stairs doesn't involve a loading time, which is rare for this type of genre. It helps that it's not just one big dungeon and rather a multitude of locations to explore, which definitely helps variety. Almost every trap is avoidable by looking around in said environment or keeping track of the minimap, which minimizes frustration.

Level grinding is largely unnecessary during the main quest, and is pretty easy. Orb grinding is annoying, but it never gets as annoying as level grinding tends to be in these types of games and is overall a very minor flaw.

The plot is excellent with political commentary and lots of drama and comedy. It's serious without being too pretentious, light-hearted without being incredulous. Yeah, there's comedic rape, but it's surprisingly unjarring unless you're that easily offended. I'd say it's excellently paced, though some may complain that it's a bit slow until the halfway point. There's a significant amount of canon post-game content too, so try to get the true end. The post game events aren't as well paced as the in-game events, and some of them do feel like they should have been integrated in the main game, but those events arguably would have messed up the pacing of the in-game plot.

Lastly, the characters are an absolute joy with good development for most of them (other than blatant background characters) and great dialogue for all of them. The quality of the characters themselves and how fun their interactions are is the strongest point of the Rance series in general, as this particular aspect is great in every Rance game (even when actual plot or character development is weak).

Overall, the gameplay time for the main game is about 45 hours with story relevant post game content probably taking about an extra 10 hours. There are a few extra bosses, but they aren't that much harder than the post-game story final boss. There's also madness mode, but the developer put that in for the lulz, so the grinding that mode takes is insane.

In short, buy it!

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