Apr 21, 2017
A high production English original visual novel, Max’s Big Bust is on sale! Buy it now for 15% off!
Apr 14, 2017
Funbag Fantasy will now be on hardcopy! Pre-order now!
Mar 31, 2017
March Madness! Kuroinu Ch.1 and the -ef- deluxe hardcopy are now on sale! You can also be the first to pre-order the latest Higurashi installment, Meakashi!
Mar 31, 2017
We’ve teamed up with Fruitbat Factory to bring you Miniature Garden at 25% off this week!
Mar 24, 2017
Isn’t it great when something online becomes reality? Free Friends 2 is now available in hard copy form with a separate story from the first title!