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Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows ~What Beautiful Memories~ (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Dec 7, 2023
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Windows 10, OSX 10.10, Windows 11
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Elysia Wentworth
One of the main heroines, and the only one on the surface.

She is a girl with an Elysian Eye who travels through the ruins of New York on the surface. Three years ago (1904) in December, her left eye gained its golden, feline hue.

She harbors a strong will and bravery that belies her demure appearance. She is also tough, and she comes to the vast, ruined remains of old New York City all by herself, without anyone’s aid. As she traverses the very real ruins, she is joined by her Tarantula, a multi-legged ambulatory bag she created herself.

Normally she would be a student attending Yale Engine University, but she’s currently taking a break from it. Back when she attended high school in her home state of Connecticut, there was a man she held some affection toward. Even though they both felt deeply for one another, they never managed to become lovers. As her recollections and past memories are revealed, it becomes clear that man is who she searches for in the ruins of old New York.
One of the main heroines, and the one who wanders the fantastical Underground.

At first this young girl is seen dressing as a man, and she frequently sports either a cold or slightly upset expression. She’s simple, frank, and rather childish for her appearance. Occasionally she also displays an unexpected strength of will.

She has no memories about herself, and she doesn’t even understand why she is in the Underground New York City full of fantasies and distortions. The first memory she has is opening her eyes and seeing that false, violet sky. Though she recognizes the Underground as fantastic and abnormal, she has no desire to return to the surface. Even when asked about that, she only gives back a look of confusion. At first she doesn’t understand that her world is the one full of fantasies and illusions while the real New York is in ruins.

She shows curiosity and interest in everything she lays eyes upon. She’s lost all memory of everything save her language and common sense, yet despite that she knows she must go forth to the tower of violet shadow towering over Manhattan. At first she’s lacking in humanity, but as she meets new people and witnesses their Refrains, she finds herself unwittingly shedding tears and eventually realizing the strength of the feelings deep within her—
An expressionless young man full of mystery who never reveals anything about himself.

He is the one guiding Lily through the Underground. Some have dubbed him ”The Faceless Man” or ”Air Head”.

He is the one who gives the name ”Lily” to the young girl with an Elysian Eye that set foot in the fantastical realm of Underground New York, and he also operates that One-Car Subway Train that seems to move and stop at its own will while guiding Lily toward Manhattan.

He rarely displays any emotion, and occasionally he protects Lily from danger even as he flatly tells her the truth.
A girl who laughs as she watches Lily.

She’s a denizen of the Underground, and maybe human? She bears cat ears atop her head and a tail grows from her butt, making her an abnormal girl with slightly different features than a proper human. She likes to appear in high places and chuckle as she looks down at Lily.

She has a hedonistic attitude, and she’s always smiling. She frequently laughs at others as well, but she takes no pleasure in doing so.
The truth is that she actually wishes she could stop smiling and laughing.

Her true form is different from her current appearance, but just like Jaguarman, she gained the outward appearance of a beastman due to her own internal nature. Though there is one definitive difference between her and the jaguar man.
Lucky Luciano
A man residing in the Underground who should have been loved by Lady Luck.

He always sports a hat, and he continues to pop up throughout Lily’s journey after first meeting her and proclaiming he could manipulate fate. He’s the only man capable of getting along relatively well with A and Jaguarman.

He’s a city-bred dandy clad in a sharp suit, and up until five years ago he used to appear as the wise head of some mafia.
He created a whole crime syndicate and used to run the entire underground society of New York.

He still continues to love the one woman that lies beyond The Wall in Manhattan.
Milia Stoke
A young woman who has accepted the current state of the Underground and serves with the combat courtesans of Verazano Bridge.

She provides shelter for Lily when she’s being chased by the Dark Gang for some unknown reason. Her weapon is a pile bunker.

Her words may have dried up, but her heart remains vibrant. She has no recollection of how long she’s been a whore. She only remembers ”someone” whispering their love for her, and that while she held faith and waited for them, ”something” happened and New York became the Underground. She may have questioned it at one point, but now she boasts that it doesn’t matter.

Even if some vagabond is prowling after her, she doesn’t pay it any mind. Even if she would be killed without Lily’s help, she just shrugs her shoulders and says it doesn’t matter. After all, no one can die in the Underground.

Required CPU: 2.0 GHz
Required Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 1280x720
Required Graphics: OpenGL 3.0
Required HDD Free Space: 2GB
DirectX: DirectX 11

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