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Orc Castle (download)
Without Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$12.95    MG point:64
On Sale:
Sep 2, 2016
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4.5 out of 5 (6 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Profession: Warrior

The chief of the ‘Red Lightning’ mercenary group: A female warrior that embarks on skirmishes in a skimpy set of bikini armor.
She’s somewhat lacking in brains, but compensates with a maternal, elderly sister attitude and iron will. She infiltrates Orc Castle on her own, hoping to make a name for herself.
Profession: Female Assassin

A female assassin: Under order of the Asgardian King to make a hit on the Orc Prince. She is half-beastfolk, half-human. She’s cool-headed and thoughtful, but is remarkably clumsy at the most critical of moments.
Profession: Witch

A legendary witch with a pointlessly skimpy wardrobe: She has a graceful girlishness about her and her every gesture and motion exudes sexiness… To the point where it’s pointless… Her inverted nipples are a particular point of interest.
She is over 200 years old but through magical suspension she has managed to retain her youthful appearance. She’s also acquainted with Misty.
Profession: Princess

The first-born princess of Asgard: Hostilities are currently brewing between her country and The Orc Kingdom. She has been bestowed with the divine protection of the Chief God, Odin.
She heads to the battlefield, the holy blade Balmung in hand, in lieu of the bedridden King Baldur.
Her dignified mannerisms and refined speech give her an air of elegance.

Required CPU: Pentium4 2GHz
Recommended CPU: Core2Duo E6300
Required Memory: 1GB
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 960×540
Recommended Resolution: 1280x720
Required Colors: 16bit color
Recommended Colors: 32bit color
Sounds: DirectSound (Ultramarine3-oggtechnology)
Required HDD Free Space: 550MB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or higher

Entertaining but Not Lengthy
At $12.95 this game is a tad bit over priced for the amount of content you'll be getting, with a single play through taking about 2 hours at most to complete. (4 hours is you're not good at puzzle games)

Yet the story and the art are pretty good, with a funny Orc character who you kind of identify with as he just wants to impress his father while protecting the castle and his life. And he's not always thinking about sex, as his assistant is a hot dark elf girl who he not once attempts to lay his claws on.

However there are only four girls in total you need to capture, and none of them are even that particularly hard; including the final girl who is simply wearing more armor.

What this game needed is more girls, and perhaps challenge modes with the existing girls. It would have been nice if there had also been a optional boss where you take on your dark elf assistant, who is the final test sent by your father to see if your fit for the throne.
Fun Game but a little short
This game is fun just due to the mechanics. I also did not encounter any bugs while playing. My only complaint is that it is a little short. There are only 4 heroines and each one has 2 or 3 difference H-Scenes. The scense are plently long, I just wish there was more variety, either in the number of girls, or the number of different scenes that you can encounter. Still, solid game!

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