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The Curse of

The art is
excellent, the
BGM is good,
and the story
has elements of
reasoning (but
the premise is
not enough),

Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami (download)
All Ages, Full Voice
$19.95    MG point:99
On Sale:
Jun 11, 2021
Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (1 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Mio Ikoma
A member of the livestreaming group Nana Channel.

After seeing how withdrawn and lonely she seems, Nana and Asuka invite the friendless Mio to join their livestreaming channel.

While overcoming some of her shyness after joining in on the two’s videos, she still prefers to work behind the scenes, without appearing on camera.

In the hotel, disregarding the risk to her own life, Mio rouses herself to save her friends Nana and Asuka.
Nana Sakurai
The face and founder of Nana Channel. Coming up with a plan to shoot a video in an abandoned hotel, she becomes the instigator of the livestream shoot in the abandoned hotel ruins.

While she originally started streaming reaction videos as a hobby, as her audience grew, she became more conscious of the number of views on her videos.

The filming and planning of her current videos reflects her new-found resolve that anything goes as long as it gets views. (Mio and Azusa always stop her before she goes too far.)

Her goal is to reach one million subscribers!
Azusa Shiraishi
Gifted with brain, brawns, and beauty. She has a large number of female fans. She has been friends with Nana for years, and the two are now inseparable.

At Nana’s request, Azusa started helping with video editing and filming, but once Nana got it into her head to start raising her female follower count, Azusa was dragged into appearing in videos as well. Ever since, Azusa has been making more and more appearances in Nana’s videos.

With a cool and mature exterior, she is the channel’s mediator.

For some reason, she doesn’t seem too pleased with the current shoot in the abandoned hotel...
A mascot character who suddenly appeared before Mio and the girls while they were filming in the leisure hotel. He appears and disappears without warning, chasing the girls with a hatchet as his weapon.

Required CPU: Intel Core i3-6006U
Required Memory: 4GB RAM
Sounds: 16 bit stereo, 48KHz WAVE
Required Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 520
Required HDD Free Space: 500MB available space
DirectX: Version 11

Unique Horror VN
This game was really fantastic and well put together. I enjoy playing VN that you can take control of the character and be a part of the VN. This game has a nice balance of the VN aspect and horror theme and an emphasis of puzzle solving. Granted the game is a bit slow paced without a running function and requires the player to explore every corner of the map. Overall I enjoyed it and would highly recommend the game to anyone interested in trying out the game.

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