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The Curse of

The art is
excellent, the
BGM is good,
and the story
has elements of
reasoning (but
the premise is
not enough),

Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning - Original Soundtrack
Digital Soundtrack
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Oct 30, 2018
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Daily Life - The Academia's Elegance
Electric Knight - King of Lightning

Nikola Tesla
The protagonist and hero of this story. The first transfer student in the history of the Academia and the president of the Speculative Detective Club (an organization he founded himself). By all appearances, he’s a clean-cut young man in early adulthood. Tesla himself, however, claims to be 72 years of age.

His past is full of mystery. Some say he spent years working in a prominent research institution in the USA; others claim that he’s a globe-trotting revolutionary with a long history of insurrectionist activities. There are even those who believe him to be a mortal enemy of Lord Edison, a founding father of the United States. Tesla himself refuses to dignify any of these rumors with a response.

When using his lightning powers, Tesla is automatically equipped with a powerful mechanized belt and gloves. In addition, a long, flowing scarf appears around his neck, crackling with electricity.

- Lightning King
Supernatural Power. Capable of freely manipulating electricity in all of its forms.

- Electric Field Blades
Supernatural Power. Five luminous bodies in the form of swords fly as he directs them.

- Super Electromagnetic Form
Supernatural Power. No data.

"I bought you for 30 silver coins. In other words, you’re mine. Body and soul."
Neon Scalar Smilja
A protagonist and the heroine of this story. The only member of the Detective Club; Tesla’s assistant. A girl who’s been known to fire off a fierce glare every now and then.

First-year student in the Academia’s Engine Physics Department; no living relatives. Her hair is dyed a bright shade of pink. Originally, it was brown, just like that of her deceased elder brother.

She was living a harsh life of exploitation as a "second-class student" until Nikola Tesla bought her for the price of 30 silver coins.

Student Engine Card, Engine Phone, Grudge Notebook, Necklace with Locket

- Spirited
The girl has guts. She doesn’t give up easily.

- Single-mindedness
Once she’s set her mind on something, she makes it happen.

- Smile
Her radiant smile wins hearts left and right.

"If I’m an assistant, then start treating me like one. Please. If you’d be so kind!"

Required HDD Free Space: 550MB

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