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Hadaka Shitsuji - Naked Butlers (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Oct 27, 2017
Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Windows 10, OSX 10.11
5.0 out of 5 (4 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Tomoaki Maeda
Age: 21
Height: 170cm (5’7”)

Our protagonist, and an extremely average college student. Somehow he has found himself in the position of “master” as a part time job.

“...I mean, you might call me ‘master’, but I’m just a stand-in after all, right? I just kinda figure you don’t like someone like me bossing you around.”
Kyouichi Sakuma
Age: 30
Height: 181cm (5’11”)

The perfect butler. He graduated from a butler training school in England. He will obey any order without question, and would lay down his life for his master. On the other hand, he’s not very flexible, and is earnest almost to a fault. His poor sense of humor is a sore spot for him.

“Good morning, Master. How may I be of service?”
Touya Ichinose
Age: 20
Height: 173cm (5’8”)

Currently filling the role of gardener, as he thought the flowerbeds looked lonely, and just started tending to them one day. He isn’t very good at speaking to people, and so prefers the company of plants. He’s quiet and a bit of a space-case. It’s hard to tell exactly what he’s thinking.

“...It’s not really tough... Ichinose likes doing this...”
Ryouji Komine
Age: 27
Height: 179cm (5’10”)

He ended up at the estate while traveling around the country searching for delicious foods. He’s talkative and cheerful, and has a heavy accent. He’s a bit overly-friendly for a butler, but he never compromises when it comes to his cooking.

“What’s that supposed to mean?! I’m actin’ like a butler 24/7! Look! Look here! I’m wearin’ a suit and a bowtie and everythin’...!”
Aki Toudou
Age: 23
Height: 185cm (6’1”)

He found himself at the estate after running away from his martial artist family. The meaning of his first name comes from his father’s wish for him to become the strongest man in all of Asia, but he’s always been embarrassed about it because of how cutesy it sounds.

He has a strength to match his muscular stature, and is in charge of all the heavy lifting at the estate. He’s frequently scolded for his poor grasp of decorum.

“Yessir! I’ll serve you to the best of my abilities, sir!”
Kazuma Arisato
Age: 18
Height: 166cm (5’5”)

He grew up in an orphanage, since his parents abandoned him at a young age. He may be a butler, but he’s pretty much useless. He’s supposed to be in charge of menial chores and cleaning, but as he’s a total klutz, his enthusiasm is all for naught. He might seem anxious and high-strung, but he’s really a good, lovable kid at heart.

“Welcome back, Master~! I’ll take care of your baaags!”
Toyoharu Mizoguchi
Age: 56
Height: 168cm (5’6”)

Normally he serves as an assistant and accountant for the estate’s owner. He has a stubborn and strict side to his personality, even though his gentle smile never leaves his face. He’s fond of baseball, sumo, and fishing. His master is on vacation, so he’s left most of his usual work to Sakuma so that he can relax.

”Did I not say that I would support you, Young Master? Whatever it may be, I will assist you with all my power, so that you might find enjoyment.”
Sayaka Hanamura
Age: 21

Tomoaki’s childhood friend and his fellow college student. She’s a waitress at the restaurant Tomoaki was fired from, and has grown worried since he’s started acting strange recently.

He, in turn, thinks of her as something like a meddling older sister.

Required CPU: Pentium 4
Sounds: Direct Sound
Required Graphics: VRAM 64MB
Required HDD Free Space: 1.6GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

This Game was fun to play
This game was very fun to play and I loved the different interactions with each butler in their routes. I enjoyed that not only could I play the more darker parts but I could also enjoy a light good ending as well. If you ever wondered what it would be like to have butlers that serve your every desire then I would definitely recommend this game to you.
An Excellent Game
Just as it says, it's a game about butlers made by developers who love butlers. It's cliche in these kinds of games for servant-master relationships to turn into a relationship between equals, changing the concept drastically. When that happens in this game, it's a Bad Ending, and in the True Endings there is no such thing. Quite refreshing!

The protagonist, Tomoaki, may have a rough start as he gets used to the novel idea of having six butlers at his beck and call, but that's due to suspicion about the circumstances that made him their Master, and it's not entirely unjustified. Soon enough, he gets to know what it is to be a master in both body and soul, and his butlers are pushed to the limits of their own endurance.

While all routes are made to be enjoyed equally, their different tastes mean that you may have preferences. Whether domination of the strong, humiliation of the proper, corruption of the damaged, exhilarating the stoic, or simply bringing the strong willed to heel, there is much to enjoy within those hallowed halls.

If you think it is too difficult to choose only one butler, know that the game gives you the option to enjoy the attention of more than one at a time.

If I have any criticism to give to this masterpiece, it is simply that there are not enough alternate sprites with marks even when the butler's appearance should have changed. Sad, but understandable.

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