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A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Feb 22, 2018
Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (6 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Azumi Risa
Class Representative of the Year 1 “Snow” class. She’s a hard worker with a no-nonsense personality, and her assertiveness tends to land her in leadership positions.

She’s the half-Japanese daughter of a foreign company with a British mother. She dresses in subdued clothing, but has the build of a model. She’s also big-chested.

She does well academically and has good common sense, but whenever she gets into it with Miya, she always gets out-argued and loses her cool.

It just so happens that matters of love embarrass her more easily than most, and when the subject comes up, she gets flustered with an adorable expression on her face, and ends up putting her foot in her mouth.
Ayase Miya
A student of the Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Risa’s. She’s the foremost genius on campus, but has difficulty in social situations, keeping her interactions with everyone but Risa to a safe minimum.

Her words with Risa are always abrasive. In that same vein, she keeps everyone else at a distance with her speech and behavior.

As a genius, she’s studied abroad and has been offered the chance to skip grades, but interacting with others is a pain for her, so she enrolled in the St. Michael’s school for refined young girls, which seemed easier to manage.

She rarely shows weakness and never loses her composure. However, in her more sincere moments, she becomes timid and casts nervous glances from beneath her lashes. She’s actually very feminine, in contrast to how she usually talks.
Oda Nanami
A freshman student. Lighthearted and energetic, with an outgoing disposition. She’s currently romantically involved with Yuuna, an upperclassman.

She’s actually quite the daydreamer, and knows a thing or two about sex. Her head is always full of romantic thoughts for Yuuna.

She’s a girl so madly in love, that the more she discovers that Yuuna is nothing like her mental image, the harder she falls for her.
Matsubara Yuuna
A junior student. Chairman of the Campus Improvement Committee, a group that’s the functional equivalent of the student council.

She’s an intellectual beauty with a gentle disposition. Her athletic excellence makes her a true superwoman.

She’s something of an idol on campus to both the younger and older students alike, although she’s blind to this fact.

In truth, she’s the type of dedicated person who isn’t satisfied unless she puts all her heart and soul into something.
Kitajima Kaede
A junior student. A talented girl who serves as class representative. She’s a typical class representative, with her glasses and braided hair.
Although meek and subdued by nature, she has a strong sense of duty. She actually has a very nice figure.

Since it came to light that she’s actually quite gorgeous without her glasses and braid, she’s currently somewhat of a celebrity.

She and her younger cousin Sara are an officially recognized couple on campus.
Kitajima Sara
A freshman student. Kaede’s younger cousin. She’s a popular student model from her work in fashion magazines.

She has an incredibly bright and sociable personality. With looks and personality, she unwittingly charms everyone around her.

She’s what you might call an open book, and something of an airhead. Her affections toward Kaede don’t have an off switch, whether they’re in public or private.

It’s those overflowing expressions of love that make the other students jealous of their closeness.
Sawaguchi Mai
A junior student who’s been attending St. Michael’s since kindergarten. She comes from an ordinary two-income family.

She isn’t formally on any class committees, but perhaps due to her helpful, sisterly personality, others tend to rely on her.

Although a self-avowed “commoner,” she’s spent so much time at St. Michael’s, she’s gotten quite used to dealing with high-class young ladies.

She currently commutes to see Reo, who lives alone despite not having the slightest domestic ability.
Kawamura Reo
A junior student and classmate of Mai’s. She comes from corporate affluence, and is what you might call a sheltered girl.

Despite her childlike stature, long, fluffy hair, refined facial features, and doll-like appearance, she’s socially inept and has an intense shyness around strangers.

She remains detached from everyone except Mai, and is a hyper-tsundere who’s like a wild beast in some ways.

Both her parents are living overseas, so she lives alone in her apartment. She survives solely on Mai’s cooking.
Kirishima Shizuku
A senior student. A Japanese beauty who grew up at St. Michael’s, having attended since kindergarten.

Her father is a calligrapher, and Shizuku herself is highly regarded as the foremost scribe of St. Michael’s. Her character is one of sincerity and excellence, but she’s exceedingly bad with foreign words.

She’s in a loving relationship with the exchange student Eris, who isn’t shy about speaking her mind no matter the place, and always seems to have Shizuku wrapped around her little finger.

While she could naturally never hate Eris, her troubles never seem to end.
Shitogi Eris
A senior student. Shizuku’s classmate. An exchange student who transferred to St. Michael’s. She is half-Japanese and half of Nordic descent.

She proficient at Japanese, with a fearless spirit and generous heart, who cluelessly makes all the girls swoon.

Girls are endlessly captivated by her charm, but even with a fan club in her honor, she’s completely unaware.

When she speaks passionate words of love to Shizuku with complete disregard for whoever else may be listening, there are some days Shizuku goes tsundere on her.
Suminoe Takako
A teacher at Saint Michael Girls’ School. Romantically involved with Runa, one of her students.

While the two live together, she tries to encourage more youthfully-appropriate behavior, but mostly ends up getting bossed around.

However, she doesn’t harbor any ill will about being under Runa’s thumb, and even admires the way she carries herself with such distinction.

Although she takes great pride in being a teacher and has a strong sense of responsibility, she has to desperately resist the urge to shout her relationship with Runa from the rooftops, which makes her a tad pathetic.
Houraisen Runa
A transfer student to St. Michael’s and Takako’s lover. She speaks and carries herself like an adult, and has everyone around her wrapped around her little finger.

She doesn’t hesitate to say, “Sensei belongs to me.” This single-mindedness leads to a powerfully jealous possessiveness.

Essentially a sadist, one way or another, she’ll interpret things to her own advantage and then smile with a sadistic gracefulness.

However, kids will be kids. She won’t drink coffee because it’s too bitter, and loves sweets. She also gets sad when her Sensei scolds her.
Houraisen Rena
A new teacher at St. Michael’s. She’s Runa’s big sister and Takako’s former tutor. Stylish and dashingly beautiful, Rena is the perfect lady.

Her personality is free and easygoing. Although she’s blunt and undisciplined, she has the kind of likable personality that’s impossible to hate for some reason.

An alumna of St. Michael’s through junior college, the teachers of her time all revered her as “The Ultimate Lady.”

In truth, she was chasing skirts left and right, regardless of whether they were seniors or juniors. It’s rumored her lovers numbered in the triple digits.

Required CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
Required Memory: 2.0 GB
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0

A great VN in a great series!
Funny, sexy, and most of all, CUTE! I love the voice acting and most of the couples have such adorable chemistry! And surprisingly it's even uncensored!
MG, please translate (and uncensor :P) more VNs from the Kiss for the Petals series!
Worth it
It really is one of the best yuri VNs with the main competition being the spinoff game New Generation (different art style, more serious story elements) and the unrelated Kindred Spirits on the Roof (much fewer sex scenes). There are other great yuri VNs but these three have massive content and full voice.

Maidens of Michael is absolutely worth the money if you like adorable yuri stories.

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