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The Fruit of Grisaia - Unrated Edition (download)
with Mosaics, Voiced Except Main Character
$39.99    MG point:199
On Sale:
Feb 21, 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Sakaki Yumiko
Yumiko has the air of an unexcitable, rich young lady. Her cold and detached attitude makes her seem like a unicorn among horses - even her long, black hair, hanging in tresses down her back, somewhat resembles a mane, albeit a slightly plain one.

Being a ”cool beauty” may sound intriguing on the surface, but the truth is that Yumiko is just incredibly socially awkward, and extremely wary of anybody who approaches her. She sometimes resorts to extreme means to avoid social interaction, and refuses to engage in meaningless small talk.

Even though she lives in the school’s communal dorm, she often isolates herself, and responds with indignation when some of her less intelligent classmates bestow her with the perfect nickname for her beautiful looks. She does not mince her words, at the cost of coming across as rude, and shows no intention of befriending her fellow students.

A logical thinker, she can’t stand inefficiency, which shows in the way she talks. Some of her favorite direct phrases are ”Why me?” (Asking for a reason) ”So?” (Demanding a conclusion) and ”I see...” (Expressing agreement)

Careful not to get swept up in others’ business, she’s incredibly fond of her ”me-time”, and goes to great lengths to ensure that everything is perfect. Having it ruined is one of her biggest annoyances, and while she realizes that this is the main cause of her social awkwardness, she’s never felt like she’s lacking anything without friends, and so isn’t making any attempts at improvement. The absolute worst of her sort.
Suou Amane
Somewhat of an idol in the local community, there isn’t a single shopkeeper at the shopping district who hasn’t heard of ”Amane-chan” from Mihama Academy.

Her curvy body makes about eighty percent of people wonder what kind of diet she grew up on, to grow such an ample bosom. All she has to do is sashay down the street, and people already start offering her handouts and discounts. The slight muffin top poking out from the top of her low-rise jeans is enough to set the hearts of those who prefer a little more meat on their women aflutter.

A caring older-sister figure, she is well-liked by the younger students. While she’s usually the voice of reason, she sometimes also likes to act like a fool and play child-like pranks.

When Yuuji transfers into Mihama, she claims that she’s fallen for him at first sight, and she assertively starts looking after him. Since Yuuji is at that awkward age where boys prefer to be left alone, she is nothing but an annoyance at first. But, he gradually warms up to her, partially due to her skills in the kitchen, which she honed growing up at the main branch of her family’s renowned restaurant chain, in Ginza.

While she’s not exactly an easy woman, she’s definitely a hottie, and it wouldn’t be wrong to remember that as her most prominent feature.
Irisu Makina
Makina’s unrivalled idiocy is bad enough to make anybody who talks to her for more than five minutes realize that she’s a seriously dangerous girl.

It would be difficult to explain what’s so dangerous about her without resorting to discriminatory or dehumanizing language, but in the end it all boils down to one short, simple phrase: She’s an idiot.

Though, her actions and utterances are so incredibly ridiculous that perhaps they can’t be classified under the ”idiocy” moniker. If you asked anyone who knows her what she is like, they’d be pressed for a way to describe her, and simply tell you that you’ll find out when you meet her.

Rumors say that the business conglomerate run by her family actually controls the underworld of Japan, though the truth is little-known and rarely spoken about, not even by Makina herself, and much less by others. Perhaps it’s the kind of family where knowing too much may be the death of you...

Makina’s eccentric speech and behavior patterns seem to have begun after a certain incident that occurred when she was little, but not many details are known about this, mostly because Makina herself isn’t eloquent enough to explain the actual circumstances surrounding what happened.
Matsushima Michiru
Matsushima Michiru is a PT - the worst one in history, in fact. Nobody could deny that.

What does ”PT” stand for...? Most would probably scratch their heads, gather up their friends at a family restaurant, and have a secret ”PT meeting” until the early hours of the morning.

If we started getting into the origins of the ”PT”, a whole book could be written about it, so let’s stick with the brief and simple explanation: It stands for ”Pesky Tsundere”, or perhaps you might also interpret it as ”Pseudo-Tsundere so fake that she’s beyond cringe worthy”.

The concept of the tsundere originates in otaku culture, but has even permeated into normal society in recent years. When Matsushima Michiru was still a little girl, she decided that she would make this an essential component of her personality.

There may exist misconceptions that there is some sort of deep, dark reason behind this, but let’s not get into that here - everyone’s free to make their own speculations, whatever floats their boat. Regardless, there are no circumstances worth mentioning. Anybody could surely guess that it is no more then another one of her silly whims.

Hating or questioning things for no particular reason is second nature of the PT, and even though she likes being relied on by others, she always questions any gestures of good will made towards her. She puts great effort into maintaining her blond pigtails, the quintessential tsundere look. Anybody who has seen her wandering through the dorms, grunting like a bear and gritting her teeth during the painful bleaching process, would surely agree that she is just plain crazy.

Because she’s so pesky, her classmates often find themselves wishing that she’d just switch to her sweet side, but on the other hand they also fear that her sweet side may be equally pesky...
Komine Sachi
Sachi wears a maid uniform on a daily basis, as if she’s the butt of a never-ending joke. However, she diligently carries out her duties as class president without any grumbles, her heart filled with nothing but selfless devotion.

The uniform she wears isn’t the type you’d find at a cheap costume store. It’s fully tailor-made, and even adheres to MilSpec standards.

A studious, kind, and humble girl, she has all the qualities that make a perfect maid, and she has the ability to prepare any item or service that she’s asked for almost instantly.

This is not thanks to the power of a box that’s ”bigger on the inside”, but rather due to a large locker she keeps in the back of the classroom, containing all the items she might expect to need on any given day.

While she may look like the perfect girl at first glance, her stubborn disposition and lack of humor can pose a bit of a problem. When told to make tea in her belly button, she extensively researches methods to do so, and when told to stay in the bath for exactly ten thousand seconds, she doesn’t let out a peep until she’s accomplished the task. Therefore, it is crucial to think things through carefully before asking her for anything.

It’s no mistake, however, to say that she’s the hardest working girl in her entire class, so anybody would agree that she’s the most suitable for the role of class representative.

Thinking of her as a double-edged Swiss army knife is probably the best way to remember her.
Kazami Yuuji
Just as the girls are starting to get settled at the peaceful academy, cut off from the hustle and bustle of society, one day a transfer student suddenly joins their class.

Due to the circumstances of Yuuji’s guardian, who adopted him after he lost his older sister in an accident at a young age, as well as his parents at a later date, he possesses both U.S. and Japanese citizenship.

An old acquaintance of Mihama’s principal, he used his connections to receive an invitation to attend the school as a special ”foreign exchange student”.

There’s a mysterious aura about him, hanging over him like a dark, toxic cloud. All his words are tinged with sarcasm or cynicism, giving him a sort of ”bad boy” vibe. Regardless, he seems earnest in whatever he does, occasionally displaying the typically Japanese tendency to take things too seriously. He spends many of his days working hard at his part-time job as a janitor.

While the girls are wary of the sudden appearance of such a mysterious boy at first, they gradually accept him into their circle.

Required CPU: 1GHz+
Required Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 1024x576
Required HDD Free Space: 7GB+
DirectX: 9.0c

une expérience enrichissante.
je sais pas par où commencer, se jeux ma tellement retourner dans tout les sens que j'en ai perdu les mots.
Sans entrer dans les détails je souhaite simplement recommander cette merveille de tout mon cœur et je vous encourage vivement de faire toute les routes en commencent par les mauvaise/normal ending en faisant une petite sauvegarde pendant le choix final, car certes elles sont tristes/cruels elles sont importante (personnellement celle d'Amane et Makina sont juste wow)
Le jeu jouera avec vos émotions du début à la fin, j'ai jamais autant ressenti de joie/tristesse avec un jeux qu'avec celui là. Foncer vous ne le regretterais pas !
One of the best VNs out here
So first of all if you have watched the anime (Like i did) dont hesitate to get the game you may experience some of the same things but their are many more scenes and details that the anime could not cover

The Fruit of Grisaia is one of the most detailed and exciting games none of the routes can be considered "bad' in my experience

It is also fun learning about Yuuji. We were practically thrown in to the story with an MC we know nothing about getting to know about Yuuji in his stories and through other character interactions is very interesting. We get little bits and pieces throughout routes of the game but we truly never know everything ( not in The Fruit of Grisaia at least)

As i said i believe all of the routes in this game are good but the Michiru route was lacking something it focused way to much on the drama aspect of things the only break period we really got was when everyone went home and that felt more like yuuji just dragging Michiru around if anything.

Order of the games: "The Fruit of Grisaia" covers all of the characters individual stories(note their is no true route in this game)

second game would be "The Labyrinth of Grisaia" covers the full past of yuuji and all characters after story following the events of "The Fruit of Grisaia' the Michiru route makes a great comeback in this game it gave us what it lacked in the previous game and probably the best after story of the five

Now the final game "The Eden of Grisaia" it covers the true route of the game we learn more about the current yuuji in this game experiencing the more weak and human side of the man Kazami Yuuji

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