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Hashihime of the Old Book Town (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Sep 26, 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4.7 out of 5 (9 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Hometown: Aizu
Age: 20

The stingy, pathetic bookworm.

Pretentious enough to wear fake glasses, Tamamori is only good at looking like he’s serious and intelligent. He came to the capital with his childhood friends, Minakami and Kawase, but he’s driven out of his boarding house after failing in his own endeavors. He currently lives and works at the used book store Umebachidou, in Jinbochou, 1-chome.

Even though Tamamori is aiming towards acceptance into the Imperial University, he’s preoccupied with reading fantasy novels, watching movies, and writing his own short stories. According to Kawase, he’s ”a genius at producing pieces of trash at amazing speeds.” Perhaps because Tamamori is a writer, he has a habit of suddenly getting lost in his own world.
Hometown: Aizu
Age: 21

The eldest son of a sake brewer.

A student of the Imperial University’s Literature Department, Minakami is currently under the care of a philanthropist in Koishikawa, 1-chome. He is a sensible man who has a calm personality and dislikes confrontation; on the other hand, he has a somewhat careless side and is quick to lose his wallet or uniform hat. Minakami is an exceptional bibliophile. Always carrying around a novel, once he starts reading, he can’t take his eyes off the page.
Hometown: Aizu
Age: 20

The germaphobe.

Kawase is childhood friends with Tamamori and Minakami, who are from his hometown. While he gets points for being handsome enough to have groupies, Kawase’s biggest flaw is how irritable he can be. A genius student, he lives alone in the western-style Ikeda Mansion in Hongou, 3-chome while studying medicine at the Imperial University. Kawase’s daily routine includes harassing Tamamori, and he hangs around Umebachidou in his spare time. However, he has no interest in art or antiques and can’t stand the dusty smell of Jinbochou. Even though he has some personality problems, neither Tamamori nor Minakami think he’s a bad guy...
Hometown: Aizu
Age: 23

The son of a doctor.

A true man of Japan. Blunt, but righteous and passionate.

After graduating from middle school, Hanazawa attended a military academy far from Fukushima and is currently a second lieutenant in the military. He got along with Tamamori and the others but eventually grew distant, becoming estranged from them for eight years. He’s recently been making frequent appearances in the capital’s Hongou and Jinbochou districts.

Hanazawa is always frowning, but long ago he used show Tamamori alone his smile, spoiling and treating him like a younger brother. However, traces of that are long gone.

Originally in the artillery, Hanazawa’s love of fantasy caused him to drift into working in a military research lab. He seems to be friends with the Lieutenant of Military Technology.
An eye-patched man who wanders into Umebachidou in the evening.

Hikawa has a polite and formal way of speaking and suspiciously timid behavior. Always nervous, he seems to make an effort to smile but is rather tense. No one knows where he came from, but he became a regular customer at Umebachidou when Tamamori began working there. He asks to be called ”Professor,” even though it’s unclear what, exactly, he’s researching. Hikawa seems to know Tamamori somehow and is an avid fan of his, coming across as creepy. He gives Tamamori tin goldfish watering cans as proof of their friendship.

Required CPU: Pentium 4+
Required Memory: 512MB+
Required Resolution: 1024x576
Required HDD Free Space: 4.3GB+
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Fantastic game but-
Incredible first route/main route that will keep you glued to the screen. After it, it offers a decent second route with an alternative take on the story and some decent surprises.
After that, it kinda falls short, as the quality decreases the more you read (Though the fourth route is better than the third one and overall tolerable) finishing in one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

Admittedly, the first route is like 80% of the story and 50% of the novel (But it will feel like 80% of it due to how short the other routes are) and the routes after the second one are really short anyway so by the time you'll be done with the second one the game is basically over. And the last route can be pretty much considered an AU by the words of the author (It was so polarizing that an explanation had to be put out on the game's official site...).

The core cast is strong, the OST is decent with a couple of outstanding themes, the art is very impressive and completely nails the atmosphere. The love story is VERY good and manages to develop organically, it avoids the usual tropes associated with the genre and fits the game's themes, it never feels like an excuse to have the characters bang, which is rare for the genre.

So 5 stars to the first two routes, 3 to the rest and like negative stars to the "ending/last route". Undoubtedly the best BL game out at the moment and a very good story on its own, as long you understand the game will give you the main route/true route the first time you play it.
The King of the Plot twists!
I just finished the game. Totally worth the waiting (bought it the day of releasse ahhh) it took me about 40-50 hours to finish it and boi, was it a experience full of feelings. Can´t agree more with what Minase said about the last final (chapter 5) I fucking cried and Im still in negation / cant accep it (dear lord you need to play this if you like plot twist after plot twist, i feel dead inside. Tamamori is so relatable and I love Minakami so much ;_; every character (the extras) has a past that makes you like them a lot and empathy with them.
I want to add that even if there is a lot of holes in the plot, i think it is the beauty about it, because its like youre reading a history inside another history.. and it makes you go crazy (or was just only me..?) and I think that is one of the goals of this game/novel idnk.
Another thing, the BGMs are so GOOD! i love them so much! it suits perfectly the history and the CGs are pretty neat.
But again, this game/novel plays with the mind, making you think that something obvsly is going to happen and then another crazy thing happens, it made me keep my mouth agape like a goldenfish all the time (Tamamoris reference xD).
Well, i could keep writing but I dont want to spoil anything! Please give a chance to this magnificient game/novel! Mangagamer finally chose a GOOD BL with such an envolving great Plot to translate and give it love! Translators! I love you so muchh!! and everyone who made this possible!

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