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Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~ (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Oct 31, 2014
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux
4.3 out of 5 (9 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

―――It was a love rooted in delusion and madness.

Japan, six years after the war. One man sits on a train headed to Zushi: Takashiro Shugo―once a detective for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Shugo reflects on the reason a retired cop like himself is heading to Zushi after reading a headline on the newspaper on his lap.

'Bizarre Serial Murders in Ueno―'

It's the sort of incident that's unusual in Japan. Shugo takes the train to Zushi now because of the detective in charge of this case: Arishima Kazuma, his former superior.

'Could I ask a favor of you?'

Arishima was his superior in Changsha, Manchuria, and later in the police department as well. Shugo couldn't easily decline a favor from him. The job Arishima asked of him was a missing persons case: the disappearance of a girl from a wealthy family.

At the Kozuki estate, the home of the missing girl, Shugo meets Kozuka Kazuna, a girl who looks exactly the same as a woman Shugo was romantically involved with in the past―Kozuki Yura.

She begs him to find her missing twin sister.

But Yura's father, Kozuki Keiichiro, tells Shugo:

'That girl is already dead...'

Truth and lies blend together as the curtain rises on the post-war town of Ueno, and the tragedies that are about to unfold...

Takashiro Shugo
”Can I protect the things dear to me――”

The game’s protagonist. A young man who spends his days renting a room at the brothel ”Yukishiro.”

He used to be a police detective, but now he earns his meals playing at being a private detective.

The game begins when his former superior, Inspector Arishima, brings him a request to search for a missing person.
Kozuki Kazuna
”I still won’t give up!”

A girl pursuing her dreams of acting in Tokyo.

She can’t forget about her sister, who went missing five years ago. When she receives information about someone sighting her sister, she asks Shugo to look for her, to her parents’ opposition.

Contrary to her dignified appearance, she possesses a bright and cheerful personality, and tends to cause chaos with her actions.
”Everything was decided a long time ago...”

A young serving girl at the brothel ”Yukishiro” where Shugo rents a room.

Circumstances have left her with no relatives, and she’s been living at the Yukishiro since she was very young.

Despite her fragile appearance, since she’s been working with adults for a long time, she has a very levelheaded personality.

She’s quite attached to Shugo and brings him his meals morning and night, practically waiting on him hand and foot.
Takashiro Nana
”There are infinite truths. Just like how you and I see the world differently.”

Shugo’s younger sister. Currently enrolled in Kayo Private Academy, located in Ueno.

A genius girl, with encyclopedic knowledge and a strong memory. Her eccentric words and deeds worry her brother, though she pays that no mind.

Incredibly interested in the bizarre serial murders in Ueno, she begins her own investigation despite Shugo’s attempts to dissuade her.
Aoki Toji
A woman in an executive position of an organization called the ”Hand of Death” that’s based in Ueno.

She’s an old acquaintance of Shugo’s from his days as a police detective, and the two of them are good friends, who let their guard down around each other.

Her physical capabilities are extraordinary, and she possesses a strength that makes her one-armed handicap trivial.
The proprietress of the brothel ”Yukishiro.”

Used to be a prostitue of Yoshiwara, but is currently retired, dealing with the management side of things instead.

She’s always been prone to look after others, and so many people in Ueno rely on her as the manager of Ueno’s brothels that she’s always busy.
A woman working at the brothel ”Yukishiro.”

She has such a bright, carefree personality that it’s hard to imagine her earning her living as a prostitute, and she’s especially close to Shugo.
Ayasaki Takako
A girl who attends Kayo Private Academy. Nana’s classmate.

Her great grandmother was white, so her hair is almost blonde.

She fell in love at first sight with Shugo when they met back when he was a police officer, and even now still holds onto those pure feelings.
Shigusa Tokiko
A mysterious woman who wanders the slums of Ueno.

She’s taken into custody as a suspect in the serial murders, but...

Required CPU: Pentium III 450MHz
Recommended CPU: Pentium III 733MHz
Required Memory: 256MB
Required Resolution: 800×600
Sounds: PCM
Required Graphics: VRAM 8MB
Required HDD Free Space: 2.0GB

Amazing story
There's tragedy... A lot of it. In fact there are people you wish could be saved but can't be regardless of your choices. But non the less the story keeps taking you along this painful yet exciting ride that you cannot stop. At the start there will be things you just don't understand, but in the end they all fall into place before you. Do not give this a pass if you can handle something a bit more than simply romance!
You can't say it is mac compatible and then not offer a trial for the mac as well as pc.
Downloaded the trial version listed, lo and behold, pc only

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