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Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story 2 (download)
Without Mosaics, Partially Voiced
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Mar 12, 2020
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Height: 166cm
B-W-H: 97-59-91
Cup: F
Weight: 54kg

The princess of the Kingdom of Hillsland.

Rosalyn is a half-mermaid. When she is alone, she prefers to stay in her mermaid form in which she looks like the beautiful and kind heroine of a classic fairy tale. But she attends public events in her human form.

Worried about dangers that threaten her kingdom, Rosalyn actively seeks ways to help and goes as far as dressing up as a pirate to hunt the enemies of Hillsland.

Lastly, because her father has no sons and she is the only daughter, the man whom she marries will become the heir of Hillsland’s throne. For that reason, there are always suitors lined up at her door.
Height: 172cm
B-W-H: 104-60-92
Cup: H
Weight: 58kg

The princess of the Kingdom of Nordland.

Estoria has been famous for her beauty ever since her 15th birthday. But perhaps because people have always lionized her, she grew up to be haughty and overbearing.

She is the only child of her father, Zenden I, who is said to have only a few months remaining due to an illness.

”My body is a precious jewel of unparalleled beauty. Do not touch it.”
Height: 170cm
B-W-H: 120-63-95
Cup: K
Weight: 57kg

The queen consort of the Kingdom of Iberia. Serebria is a true, genuine, pure-blooded nymph. Her sexual appetite is strong, as are her orgasms. Therefore, even for the king of Iberia who has daemonic blood in his veins, having sex with Serebria is a risky act.

Moreover, she is a talented swordswoman and a general who leads armies into battles. Serebria does not hesitate to rebuke her husband.

But she is womanly, sexy, and can devote herself to the man whom she acknowledges. Last, but not least, Serebria is endowed with the biggest bust in Eurodia. Rumor has it that she even surpasses Luceria.
Shamsiel Shaharl
Height: 154cm
B-W-H: 100-55-80
Cup: H
Weight: Unknown

A wife of Lute I.

She used to prey on soldiers in the rural town of Boan until she met Lute and fell head over heels in love with him. Since then Shamsiel has been supporting Lute on his way up in the world.

Despite being a succubus, she officially married Lute after the revisal of the state law.

She love titjobs, and giving them is her forte.
Gladys von Wackenheim
Height: 166cm
B-W-H: 95-60-90
Cup: F
Weight: 58kg

The high commander and a queen consort of the Kingdom of Edelland.

Gladys is the daughter of Wackenheim, the man famed for stopping an invasion of Ostacia. Like her father, she is lauded as a hero of Edelland. Some say she is the strongest fencer of Eurodia.

In the past Gladys had been the leader of a rebellion against the previous king, Hagel I. But she lost to Lute, and when the man spared Gladys’s life, she fell in love with him and proclaimed herself his wife. Later, they married officially.

She is endowed with huge cannonballs.
Height: 163cm
B-W-H: 105-61-88
Cup: H
Weight: 55kg

She is in charge of the court’s kitchen.

When Roxanne met Lute, she was the wife of Boan’s prefect. Soon after, she became a widow. But when Lute ascended the throne, she married him.

Although she has never been pregnant, she lactates.
Isis Petrovna Elenskaya
Height: 169cm
B-W-H: 99-61-95
Cup: G
Weight: 59kg

A member of the King’s Guards, an elite squad of knights.

Isis was the salutatorian of the Royal Knight Academy of her year. And before that she was a classmate of Lute. Back then she despised Lute for only looking at boobs, but these days she loves him and holds him in high esteem.

Isis often escorts Lute in his travels.

She has inverted nipples.
The prime minister of the Kingdom of Edelland and previously Princess Luceria’s private tutor.

Having recognized her administrative skills, Lute appointed Emeralia as prime minister the day he ascended the throne.

She is also versed in magic and sexual arts. She often makes sport of Lute in bed.
Luceria von Diamante
A wife of Lute I and the daughter of the previous king, Hagel I. As the royal princess, Luceria met Lute when he was promoted to High Commander and appointed her tutor. During the lessons Lute taught her lewd things. Later they married when Lute ascended the throne.

Because her mother was a nymph, she is a nympho on par with Shamsiel.

She is endowed with the biggest bust in Edelland.
The queen regnant of the Kingdom of Fronce.

Despite the enormous volume of her bust, it has a good shape, and is therefore called ”Fronce’s national treasure.”

Although Aphrodia speaks in lofty language with her vassals, with Lute she changes to a caring, motherly woman.

Because of her status of a queen regnant, she cannot always be with Lute, which agonizes her.

Required CPU: Pentium III 800MHz
Recommended CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz or higher
Required Memory: 512MB+
Recommended Memory: 1024MB
Required Resolution: 1280x720
Sounds: PCM Compatible
Required Graphics: GeForce 3 or Radeon 8200
Recommended Graphics: GeForce 6600 or Radeon X700 XT
Required HDD Free Space: 3.5GB
DirectX: 8.0a+ (2010)

Ed Grand
If you liked the other games in this series, you'll like this one. It's all of those, + 100%. More CGs, more ridiculousness, really long game and all characters are brought back.

One thing I like about this series is the continuity. That's held in place and it ties in very well with Ruin's story from Funbag Fantasy 2.
So this is this is another fantastic sequel to the original Funbag Fantasy. Here is my review, but my final thoughts are to definitely buy it. Its so well made, I love the story and the h-scenes are second to none. Easily the best of the series but you won't get the most out of it unless you've played the rest of the series which i highly recommend doing.
-The story
I don't want to spoil much but the summary on the front page does not do it justice. This game is HUGE and very story heavy especially in the beginning. It will take a while before you reach the first h-scene and some people may not like that, but it easily makes up for it because i believe this game has the most h-scenes in a funbag game or at least it felt that way by the end. I'm not sure if this is the last of the Funbag Fantasy games but i am satisfied after this story. Waffle did a great job with this and i'm happy with how they concluded everything. Like i said before if you've played the other games you'll get a lot out of this and understand a lot of the references, but to newbies they explain it well in the moment so you can follow along in case this is your first game.
There are some options that come up but they are not the best though, they felt forced in. There's one in the beginning that doesn't really do anything and and later that is a choice between the two endings. other funbag games did this better but i'll let it slide here since it's very obvious they had a story to wrap up and they delivered.
Done just as well if not better than the last games. Slow to get into in the story but once it starts they are very frequent, and go with the story very well. All the old favorites come back and each have scenes specifically for them but there are also 3 new heroines that each make a place for themselves in the story and whose scenes are just as fantastic as they all play integral parts in the story and are interwoven into the protagonists life pretty naturally i would say.
-Sound and Art
The music is familiar to you if you've played previous installments and if it's not broke don't fix it. it works very well. the art is also updated but scenes and settings are the same from previous games but there are new ones as well.
-Final Thoughts
I love this franchise and i'm glad mangagamer continues to translate them for us. After every game all i wanted was the next one in the series. I believe there are actually more games in the series and i hope mangagamer brings those to us in due time, but if not this was a great way to finish up the series, and i had great time with it... But Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 would be great too :)

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