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eden* PLUS+MOSAIC (download)
with Mosaics, Full Voice
$24.95    MG point:124
On Sale:
Jan 30, 2015
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
4.9 out of 5 (15 reviews)
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eden PLUST+MOSAIC ESRB rating. The final love story on a dying planet. eden* PLUS+MOSAIC is an adult version of eden* featuring H scene additions and upgraded CGs!

A felix known to everyone as the girl who saved mankind.
Sion is approximately 100 years old, but outwardly looks like a short young lady. She possesses the highest intelligence of all felixes and is the central figure in the Earth Evacuation Project. Her specialty is mechanical engineering, but is also in charge of the development of the colony ships themselves. In the present day, she continues to monitor the construction of the fleet and serves in political negotiations now that the project has reached its final stages. She has become a tool of government propaganda and has earned many enemies as a consequence of her prominence. In public, she maintains the dignified demeanor of a noble princess, but since she has never once stepped outside of her research facility, she is more like that of a caged bird who yearns for the outside world.
A felix born from the same genetic donor as Sion, She is like Sion’s older sister in many ways.
Elica has a gentle and carefree personality, but possesses a lot of inner fortitude. She has always been beside Sion, and once even performed research along side her. Nowadays she has resigned from such endeavors and takes care of her little sister while dressed as a maid. All her playfulness is to calm her sister who does nothing but work every single day. She is a skilled physician and serves as Sion’s primary care giver. Although her abilities are inferior to her sister’s, whom is a genius even among felixes, she still wins in cup size, a point she secretly takes pride in.
For some reason, she has prior knowledge of Ryou Haruna.
Lavinia F. Asai
A girl roughly Ryou’s age who serves as Sion and Elica’s guard. Like Ryou Haruna, she is a warrant officer in the Unified Government military and young for her rank.
Lavie’s personality is cheerful and refreshing, leading her to force a friendship with the normally quiet Ryou. She practically worships Sion and Elica for their efforts in saving humanity, but maintains her distance much like a servant serving her masters. She’s typically a very sociable individual, but underneath the cheerful exterior hides the face of a vicious close quarters combat expert proficient in the use of knives. Protecting the felixes is paramount to her as she undertakes the dirtiest of jobs, swearing absolute obedience to the military.
Ryou Haruna
A warrant officer in the Unified Government military and the protagonist.
As a child, Ryou was abandoned by his parents amidst the chaos of global affairs and lived in a house deep in the mountains. Due to his shattered upbringing, he left to enlist in the unified army at a young age. Proving to be an extraordinary soldier, he quickly rose in rank to his current position before the flames of war finally died down. Now that a relative peace has been established, he is summoned by his old commander and ends up getting transferred to a remote island research facility to serve as a guard to Sion.
Naoto Inaba
The commanding officer of the unit garrisoned at the research facility where Sion lives.
Though he is a capable solider, Inaba has little interest in getting promoted. He is the sort of man that doesn’t say how he really feels and plays dumb just to get around obstacle. He does as the government and military wishes, but in reality, is sympathetic with Sion and Elica’s circumstances. While notably younger than Sion and Elica in age, he regularly behaves as their guardian. During an assignment earlier in his career, he once met Ryou Haruna when he was still a child and encouraged him to enlist in the military. He is something like a big brother to Ryou, although the two don’t really get along. Fundamentally, Inaba is a good person.

Required CPU: Pentium4
Required Memory: 256MB
Recommended Memory: 512MB
Required Resolution: 1024x640
Required Colors: High Color
Recommended Colors: True Color
Required HDD Free Space: 6.5GB
DirectX: 9.0c

Lots of Kleenex required
This is probably the most beautiful kinetic novel I ever played.
If you have a heart, prepare a new box of Kleenex -- you'll direly need them!
Fantastic Love Story
Beautiful art. Interesting characters. Charming love story. Spectacularly done vn - this is a must read.

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