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Hello Lady! - Complete Edition (download)
with Mosaics, Full Voice
$29.95    MG point:149
On Sale:
Jan 21, 2022
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Saku Otonashi
Saku is the distinguished leader of the Crowns. She is the very embodiment of nobility that every student in the academy strives to live up to, garnering respect and awe from one and all. The task of escorting Shinri Narita around The Academy, and helping to familiarize him with the place is left to her. Due to that fact, the two are often seen together on a daily basis.

A proud, sublime specimen of a girl. Even calling her a ‘queen’ would be no overstatement. As the leader of the Crowns, she works tirelessly to uphold and enforce law and order within the academy. She would stand before any who threatened to disrupt the status quo of her beloved academy, regardless of who they may be. And, although Shinri saved her life from terrorists, he unfortunately threatens to disrupt the peace within The Academy. As such, she’s left with no choice but to stop him, by any means necessary.
Sorako Katsuragi
The Crowns’ prized treasurer. She is one of the eldest students of the recently-established Amakawa Noble Academy, standing up there alongside Saku. Her father is the famously wealthy Niiyama Katsuragi, so she’s a bona fide noble in her own right.

Nobody really knows why she dresses in men’s clothing, but she certainly doesn’t act like one, as she’s a girly girl through and through. She’s best friends with Saku. Though in some ways, they couldn’t be more different, with Sorako having a bit of a naive side to her. Her boundless kindness toward others means that when she spots someone in trouble, she can’t help but reach out to them to try and help in whatever ways she can. It’s literally impossible for her to be on bad terms with anyone. She’s even willing to hang out with Shinri Narita, despite him being the Crowns’ ”sworn enemy.”
Tamao Akahito
The newest addition to the Crowns. She works as the general affairs manager.
She’s a reformed delinquent, so she has a bit of an attitude compared to the other Crowns. Often comes off extremely rude when talking to people, earning herself no end of scolding from Saku.

She’s a genius when it comes to physical activities, as proved by her mastery of a mysterious ancient Japanese martial art that has been passed down through her family for generations. Unparalleled and downright invincible in a fight. She doesn’t present herself very ‘nobly’ at all, so while there are many who respect her, there are equally as many who fear her. Nevertheless, her behaviour has earned her the adoration of many a younger girl. She’s stolen a lot of young maidens’ hearts. Her first impression of Shinri Narita could not possibly have been any worse, and she can’t help but snap at him whenever they’re in the same room.
Eru Takazaki
The youngest of the Crowns. She works as their secretary. Formerly known as ‘Saku’s personal chevalier,’ a title that didn’t mean much more than explain her status as a self-designated servant, she still thinks of herself as Saku’s knight in shining armor.

Cool-headed to the point of being near-expressionless most of the time. She calls herself ‘The Crowns’ most brilliant tactician.’ Saku is love. Saku is life. Anyone who disagrees is not fit to live. Naturally, she absolutely loathes Shinri Narita for daring to oppose Saku. She’s ever ready to pounce on the opportunity to put him six feet under.

Required CPU: 1.7 GHz or above
Required Memory: 1GB RAM
Required HDD Free Space: 5GB available space

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