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SuccuSeka: Resist Succubus Temptation Global Version (download)
with Mosaics, Partially Voiced
$23.95    MG point:119
On Sale:
Feb 14, 2023
Windows 10, Windows 11
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The Martial Artist and Childhood Friend

An honest young woman who’s full of life. Brave and optimistic, most find her agreeably straightforward. She also works hard, never neglecting her studies, and is a formidable fighter thanks to her mastery of the martial arts. She’s in love with the hero, but is shy about expressing her feelings.
The Charming Dancer

A friendly girl who doesn’t put up emotional barriers. She loves the Dancing Shrine Maiden Wuru like an older sister and longs for her affectionate approval. While her kitten-like charm may appear flirtatious, she has no such intention.
The Priestess and Divine Healer

A woman who takes her duty seriously. Always looking at things logically, she has the fortitude to handle any situation calmly. People not only say her outstanding medical skills are second to none, but she can also cure any injury or illness.
The Dancing Shrine Maiden

A woman everybody thinks of as an older sister. She’s helpful, caring, and easygoing. She may be a bit unusual, but her carefree and cheerful nature attracts many girls. In fact, she and the dancer Noa are like sisters.
The Prophet and Singer of God

A very modest woman of few words. Lacking self-confidence, she’s too shy to look others in the eye. She feels happiest when she sings because she can finally lose herself.
The Praying Oracle

A very serious woman. Her frankness occasionally irritates others, but she doesn’t seem to care. Her ability to stick to and act on her principals is inspiring, and her piety is above reproach.
The Armory Merchant

A breathtaking beauty with an amazing body. She tends to be nosey, often coming across as a meddlesome older sister. People can read her like an open book, and she kicks herself for it each time. She also has a certain someone she has pledged to spend the future with.
The Skilled Adventurer

A graceful woman with a sharp mind. While she has a kind heart, she’s a bit overserious and has trouble getting along with others. She’s too embarrassed to admit it, but she’s secretly an advent reader of self-help books.
The Church Priestess

A delicate, airheaded maiden who perpetually looks sleepy. She has a little brother and has coddled him since childhood. Although she’s blessed with an amazing body, she remains oblivious to how her incredibly large chest drives the men around her crazy. She doesn’t care about glances from the opposite sex and is uninterested in romance, too.
The Innkeeper

A woman who never loses her composure. She possesses both the moxie and skill to run an inn on her own, and her attentiveness is first-rate. Her skill as a cook has caused many to fall in love with her, but she’s a devoted wife and mother.

Required CPU: Intel® Core i processor 1GHz over
Required Memory: 1GB
Required Graphics: Sandy Bridge Intel HD Graphics/GeForce 8/Radeon HD 2000
Required HDD Free Space: 2GB

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