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The Alchemist of Ars Magna (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$39.99    MG point:199
On Sale:
Apr 11, 2023
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Aria Magnus
A rearguard attacker with special magic attack skills. Since she’s also able to use healing magic, you’ll have to consider the weaknesses of the rest of your team before deciding to use her for both offense and defense or strictly offense. Boosting MP and MND will really bring out her full potential.

A healer running out of MP, especially during boss battles, can result in a life-or-death situation, so be sure to keep a watchful eye! However, since she lacks stamina, be sure to protect her with Guard skills.
Celestiana Megistos
The girl who wishes for nothing more than to be just like a knight. Her power is, unmistakably, that of protecting others. She can use Active Skills to protect all her allies against damage, just like a true knight. Cross Guard alone will take a huge chunk out of enemy attacks, so it’s sure to come in handy when fighting a strong foe!

Making sure you come out of a fight alive is her job, so be sure to raise her HP and DEF stats as much as possible!
Enri’s main role is twofold - to help with healing, as well as support in the form of Enfeebling attacks. If you decide to specialize in healing, be sure to choose plenty of weapons compatible with those skills!

With other party members being more battle oriented, she’s perfect to balance out the group. Since Aria also has healing capabilities, it really comes down to personal preference.

Enri has an aptitude for Enfeebling, so to really get the most out of them, make sure you build her TEC and MP stats! However, she lacks stamina so be sure to raise stats accordingly or cover with Passive Skills!
Sonia Gerbera
The master of Aria and the others as well as a reliable teacher. She has an aptitude for healing, but also has ranged offensive capabilities. Be sure to build up her HP and ATK stats to really let her reach her full potential!

In general, she tends to be used as a ranged attacker, with everything from basic starter skills to secret techniques. By bringing her into your party, you’ll be able to make ample use of Assault Chain, and eliminate any small fry that come your way!
A strong melee attacker. Namtar generally joins your party around mid-game. Her hits really pack a punch and she’ll become a deadly attacker. Since she also possesses Abnormal Status attacks, it’s best to raise her ATK and TEC to really bring out her strength. What’s more, whether it be due to her inherent nature or something else, she displays a high resistance to the Dark element. She’ll definitely be a contributing force in battles against Ash Demons and Heinous Gods.

As a final note, Namtar also has some defensive skills at her disposal. Careful thought should be given when deciding to place her on the offense or defense.
Maltina Rive
A rival from a neighboring school. There are times when she comes together with the rest of the group. An individual with a strong skill for directing others and can support with buffs. However, she doesn’t possess any healing skills, so becoming a healer is off the table.

She’s a support unit that buffs her allies, allowing you to get the most out of your damage at critical times. To make the most of her attack skills, be sure to raise her HP and TEC stats. Provided she has high enough TEC stats, her speed will also increase, allowing her to come to everyone’s aid that much faster!

Required CPU: i3 or higher
Recommended CPU: i5 or higher
Required Memory: 2GB
Recommended Memory: 4GB
Required Resolution: 1280 x 720
Required Colors: Full Color
Required Graphics: VRAM 512MB
Required HDD Free Space: 6GB

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