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Nukitashi (download)
with Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$24.95    MG point:124
On Sale:
Oct 27, 2023
Windows 10
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Hinami Watarai
Petite upperclassman often mistaken for jailbait who’s actually a full-grown adult already in her final year of senior high. Despite appearances, her flat chest belies a big heart and a motherly knack for doting on others.

Junnosuke finds himself smitten with her after noticing her maternal instincts firsthand.

“Not at all, feel free to talk to me whenever you’re feeling lost. I’m on your side, so I’ll always be there for you.”
Nanase Katagiri
The school’s resident “turbo-slut,” rumored to have been penetrated by 17 cocks at once, completed the intravaginal bucket brigade challenge an unprecedented 7 consecutive times, and lost her v-card the moment she first peeked out her mom’s womb.

The reality is that she’s still very much a virgin, but uses these rumors to her and Junnosuke’s advantage to get out of unwanted sexy situations.

“Aww, don’t be such a suck-up. A girl like me’s only as strong as her weakest kink.”
Misaki Hotori
Basic wallflower-type babe without a lot of presence and who tends to get passed over for other, more confident girls. Has a complex about her body shape and avoids sex to avoid being nude.

However, since she was born and raised on Seiran, her sense of decency is a little skewed, as she thinks nothing of swearing like a sailor, graphic sex talk, and being constantly ogled by guys...

“Do I have any weaknesses...? My anus is pretty defenseless.”
Asane Tachibana
Junnosuke’s younger sister and most sympathetic supporter. Has zero interest in doing it with men unless it’s her darling brother. Much prefers women, with a particular soft spot for older babes and full-blown sluts.

Although somewhat of a recluse, she has a wild side to her, too, losing all rhyme and reason the second she sights a whore in heat.

“My biggest goal in life is to have a threesome with you and your girlfriend...”
Touka Reizeiin
Student council president and leader of the FS–the school organization tasked with enforcing the very same sex law that Junnosuke seeks to destroy.

As far as Touka is concerned, sex is merely another means of nonverbal communication, not much different than a simple nod or smile when passing someone in the hall...

“If you have sex with someone, you can understand them... Don’t you think so, Tachibana?”
Rei Tadasugawa
Disciplinary committee president and commander of the FS’s combat forces.

Encourages no-holds-barred sex whenever possible to upload the school’s moral code. Often seen barking maxims at the fleeing Junnosuke, such as, “Why are you quarreling in the hallways?! This is a place for sex!”

“If you can’t get your dick up, you’re a disgrace to the Tachibana name! From now on, you’re Pussybana to me!”
Ikuko Onabuta
FS first squad commander with an insatiable craving for cock. In fact, calling, “Here, pussy, pussy, pussy!” anywhere on the island, any day of the week, will result in her popping wide open on the spot, no questions asked.

Like most young people these days, she tends to prioritize instant gratification over actually getting any work done...

“Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck me hard and raw ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride on a rock-hard thrusting cock ♪ Aaah ♪”
Kouki Senba
A horny older-sister type who serves as Seiran’s official tourism ambassador.

Also known as Handy Kouki, no cock has yet to resist her impressive handjob technique. Legend has it that she once jerked off seven men to completion in under a minute at the island’s annual handjob playoffs.

“Now... time for the legendary Senba handjob that’s resuscitated thousands of dicks. Your little cock here will be bursting at the seams in no time.”

Required CPU: Intel Pentium 4
Recommended CPU: Core i-Series
Required Memory: 2GB
Recommended Memory: 3GB
Required Resolution: 1600x900
Required HDD Free Space: 6GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0

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