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Geminism (download)
    MG point:71
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Sep 30, 2024
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The scheduled release date for this title is 2024.
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Kikyou Hirosoma
Shinku Hirosoma’s “older” sister. Gentle, calm, naive and easy-going. She is on bad terms with Shinku.

“It’s not my fault.”
Shinku Hirosoma
Kikyou Hirosoma’s “older” sister. Always wears an irritated expression. She is on bad terms with Kikyou.

“Shut up.”
Awasumi Yamaga
A suspicious man wrapped in bandages with old-fashioned speech. Surprisingly, he may be quite capable with household chores... Closely acquainted with Tsukishiro.

“How many times must I repeat myself to get it through your skull...”
A suspicious man with long hair who works at night. He seems to be clumsy with household chores... Closely acquainted with Awasumi.

“I know. I’d really like us to get closer too!”

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