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EVE burst error (download)
All Ages, Full Voice
    MG point:32
On Sale:
Apr 27, 2012
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Text Lang:
3.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

A bizarre serial murder mystery.
There’s a serial killer close by. An explicit psycho thriller.
The multi-sight system reveals a surprising truth!

Kojiroh Amagi
The main character of ”Kojiroh’s scenario.” He used to be the top man at the Katsuragi Private Detective Agency, and his ex-lover is Yayoi, the Chief’s daughter. During one case, he ended up having the Chief arrested and resigned from the agency. He subsequently set up a little office by the warehouses near the bay, but gets few clients - mostly petty jobs. His skills, however, have not deteriorated.
Marina Hojo
The main character of ”Marina’s Scenario.” A brilliant (trouble-making?) international agent. Even though she boasts a 99% success rate, she is alienated by various officials because she wreaks havoc wherever she goes. She served abroad for awhile, but has returned to Japan after a long absence. Her best friend since ages ago is Yayoi, from the Katsuragi Private Detective Agency, but she has yet to meet Yayoi’s ex, Kojiroh.

Required CPU: ntium 75Mhz
Recommended CPU: Pentium 133Mhz
Required Memory: 16MB
Required Resolution: 640x480
Required Colors: 16bit colors
Required HDD Free Space: 1.8 GB

A Pure Masterpiece
EVE burst error is the legendary visual novel that put C's ware on the map. It is my favorite game of all time.

The story is deeply moving and filled with twists. However, the main focus if this game is human relationships. Like in real life, human interactions in this game are sometimes painful, other times pleasant, and constantly evolving. The characters have a lot of depth and are very endearing.

The soundtrack composed by Ryu Umemoto is amazing. However, the PC-98 version sounds better. The voice acting is also amazing.

The graphics are reminiscent of OVAs from the late 80s ~ early 90s and look great. It is personally my favorite art style. This game also has a lot of fully animated cutscenes.

I recommend EVE burst error to anybody. It's the kind of deeply moving game that can change your life.
For Historians Only
Terrible 'system' that requires a walkthrough and viewing the same text multiple times in a row to progress, because the game text will repeatedly tell you to do things when you are required to do the opposite
Inability to save everywhere and no indication of when you actually can save (you can try, but it'll load you from a checkpoint of its choice)
Ridiculously vulgar dialog and endless fanservice shots but no H, thus making neither camp happy
Unfair mystery - breaks several rules of mystery writing, along with the poor translation making it hard at times to tell what clues are even meant to be
Large number of plot threads left dangling at the end

Good points? There's a lot of CGs and a lot of animation sequences, which are pretty cool. The overall idea of a mystery game with two detectives is fun, if it were implemented better. Sadly, I can't recommend it to anyone without an amazingly high tolerance for frustration.

If you want a mystery game, play something else. Play this only if you really want to explore the history of english visual novels and see how things have changed.

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