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Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling For Me (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$44.95    MG point:224
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Nov 23, 2012
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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4.9 out of 5 (14 reviews)
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Miyanokouji Mizuho is a soft-spoken young man, talented in the traditional arts and heir to the prosperous Kaburagi Corporation. 

One day, Mizuho’s family lawyer drops by to pass on his late grandfather’s final wish: that Mizuho attend an all-girls school!

With his childhood friend Mariya - a talented fashionista - to help him with the transition, Mizuho enrolls in his new school. It’s not long before a series of strange misunderstandings leads to him being elected the school’s Elder Sister, the idol of the entire student body!

It’s one wild event after another at this all-girls charm school! Can Mizuho make it through the year with his identity - and his dignity - intact?

Miyanokouji Mizuho
The protagonist of our story, Mizuho has very feminine features and a soft-spoken, weak-willed demeanor. Born into old money, he is well-educated in manners and the traditional arts, including self-defense. His beauty and refinement lead to his quickly becoming elected the school’s ”Onee-sama”... an honor which, as a man, he is not terribly happy to receive.
Juujou Shion
Shion is a refined young woman from an aristocratic household, and one of Mizuho’s classmates. She seems to hold no pretensions about her family background, and while she can seem detached and mysterious at times, she can also be shockingly forward, with a bit of a mean streak. Her unflappable demeanor makes her a great help to Mizuho in times of great stress.
Mikado Mariya
Mizuho’s friend since childhood, Mariya has never missed a chance to dress Mizuho as a girl. When she learns about his grandfather’s will, she is the driving force behind the plan to get him successfully integrated at Seio. Stubborn, silly, and capricious, Mariya’s main calling is the track team... when she’s not dragging Mizuho into one zany scheme after another. While her actions may seem impulsive and random, she actually knows Mizuho very well, and truly has his best interests at heart.
Suouin Kana
Kana is a petite, introverted underclassman who lives in Mizuho’s dorm. She loves books, theater, and movies, and joins the drama club despite suffering from severe stage fright. She has developed an extremely ingratiating personality due to insecurity about being wanted by others. When Mizuho moves into the dorm, Kana is happy to wait on ”her,” thinking of Mizuho as her ”big sister.” She has a curious speech pattern and always wears an oversized ribbon in her hair.
Kamioka Yukari
The cheerful, optimistic Yukari is Mariya’s junior in the track club, and lives in the dorm as an underclassman. She comes from a middle-class family out in the country, and while she admires the elegance of the students at Seio, she also feels a sense of alienation. Even so, she shows traces, deep down, for great potential in many of the feminine arts.
Itsukushima Takako
An upper-crust society girl, Takako serves as student council president. She ends up playing antagonist to Mizuho after behind overshadowed by the latter’s arrival. Certain circumstances within her family have given her a hatred of men, and this may subconsciously lead to some of her resentment towards him. She also has a bit of a persecution complex, which occasionally slides into self-loathing. She and Mariya have shared a bitter, complicated rivalry since they were young children.
Takashima Ichiko
Ichiko is a cute girl with an energetic personality that sometimes descends into mania. Overly imaginative and impulsive, she often finds herself off in her own little world, babbling about things of little relevance to the situation at hand. Beneath all this, however, she is a true romantic, with great empathy for others, and her overreactions on others’ behalf are merely part of her charm. She comes to stay in Mizuho’s dorm by a curious set of circumstances...
Kajiura Hisako
Hisako is a teacher of classic literature who is entrusted with looking after Mizuho during his time at Seio. Cheerful to the point of air-headedness, she sometimes has trouble properly filtering the things she says. As a teacher, though, she’s able to take a more objective view of many of the situations Mizuho finds himself in, and acts as a calming force and counselor to him. Behind it all, though, she appears to harbor a troubling past.

Required CPU: Pentium 3 500Mhz or better
Required Memory: 128MB or more
Recommended Memory: 256MB or more
Required Resolution: 800x600
Recommended Resolution: 1024x768
Required Colors: 16bit colors
Recommended Colors: 32bit colors
Sounds: PCM
Required HDD Free Space: 3GB
DirectX: DirectX 8.0 or later

Awesome Game
My, been a long time since i played such a good vn, My favorite part of the game is the protagonist, Mizuho; Dude Knows how to handle most of the situations and he's pretty straightforward when it comes to his feelings something that completely lack a lot of the MC's of animes and stuff. I recommend! and i also wish they would translate the other Vn's of these series. I would buy them right away. They're really interesting.
Good game
Very underrated game, an easy classic. Shame the sequel isn't ever getting translated at this point.

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