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Da Capo (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$29.95    MG point:149
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Jan 23, 2009
Windows XP, Windows Vista
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4.8 out of 5 (5 reviews)
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On the island of Hatsune, cherry blossoms remain in bloom all year round. While there are those who study these mysterious cherry blossoms, most people lead normal, everyday lives. Even though these cherry blossoms are forever blooming, their lives are still the same. 

In the middle of such a normal world lies Kazami Academy. At this school there is a young boy who is far from ordinary, yet far from extraordinary. He possesses two mysterious powers: the power to produce Japanese sweets out of nowhere and the power to see other people’s dreams.

Nemu Asakura
Kazami Academy affiliated school: Third year, Class 1.
Miss ”loves to take care of others”

Nemu shares the same birthday as Junichi and she is treated as his twin sister in class, but, believe it or not, she was adopted into the Asakura family as a young child.

She pretends to be a perfect homemaker, but her cooking could be used to kill. Although she always worries about her brother’s laziness, it’s also one of the things which make her heart soar.

Likes: Jewelry, cute shoes, and cucumber sandwiches
Dislikes: Japanese sweets, hamburgers, and lazy people
Sakura Yoshino
The clingy old friend

Sakura is an old friend of Junichi and Nemu. She is their elder cousin who lived next door. She moved overseas in the Spring, six years ago, and hasn’t made any contact since. However, lately she’s started appearing in Junichi’s dreams quite often. Although it’s only a dream, she’s still bothersome…She is clingy, carefree and whimsical, but everyone loves her like a mascot.

She is in love with Junichi and is jealous of Nemu who became his step-sister. So she started calling him ”Onii-chan” herself and clinging onto his legs and waist. No matter how she’s changed, when they meet again, the main character is sure to face either a terrible nuisance or a frightful nuisance.

Likes: Onii-chan (the main character), Dramas about passionate teachers, Samurai dramas, Japanese sweets, and cat food
Dislikes: Unscientific ideas like magic and ESP, being treated like a child, bell peppers, and carbonated drinks
Kotori Shirakawa
Kazami Academy affiliated school: Third year, Class 3.
The academy’s idol

She is always nice to everyone and considered the academy’s beautiful and very charismatic idol. She’s popular among the students from both the main school and the affiliated school. Some even say that she has an unofficial fan club.

People might see her as out of their league; however, once you get to know her, she is very casual and quite friendly. She is pure and invigorating, just like mineral water. She also likes to collect hats and wears them all the time. Rumor says she has a cousin with a similar hobby who’s also a painter, but who knows?

Likes: Anything sweet (she’s the Queen of Sweets), cherry blossoms, orange juice
Dislikes: Crowds (she just can’t stand them), anything spicy, and dogs
Moe Mizukoshi
Kazami Academy: First year, Class 2.
The absent-minded senior

Moe is a student at Kazami main school and one grade higher than Junichi and Nemu. She’s always daydreaming, off in her own little world. One could say she loves to sleep since she frequently falls asleep, even while walking. She is actually very good at sewing, though very slow. She is also very particular when it comes to cooking hot pots.

She belongs to the music club at school and plays the xylophone (thought she’s not that good). She is always cheerful, carefree, and never minds the little things. Some have even seen her playing her xylophone while she slowly walks past the cherry blossoms, late for school. This behavior has caused many students to claim that she is one of the academy’s seven wonders.

Her younger sister, the main character’s classmate Mako Mizukoshi, has a completly opposite personality.

Likes: Sweet bean waffle
Dislikes: Insects—especially cockroaches
Mako Mizukoshi
Kazami Academy affiliated school: Third year, Class 1.
A competitive classmate

Mako is a classmate of the Junichi and Nemu. She is very active, competitive, and a leader among the girls in the class. She is a very good flute player and has many male and female fans. In fact, she receives tons of chocolates from the girls on Valentine’s Day.

She is a good friend of Junichi and Nemu. She always complains about Junichi’s rather stupid behavior, but she’s also noticed his kindness toward his sister. She feels antagonistic towards Sugnami because he’s always causing her trouble, but he actually likes her.

Moe Mizukoshi is her sister, who’s one year older. They both belong to the same music club at school. They seem to be close, but sometimes she glares at her sister.

Likes: Playing the flute, coffee, and her sister (but sometimes she’s hard on her)
Dislikes: Ghosts (including horror movies) and spicy food
Miharu Amakase
Kazami Academy affiliated school: Second year, Class 1.
The old friend who is a year younger

Her nickname is ”Puppy dog”. After Sakura Yoshino left, she became close to Junichi and Nemu. Nemu is her best friend and they belong to the same committee, but Nemu is always looking after her.

She is forgetful and makes innocent comments which causes Junichi to fret, but she might actually be the most responsible. She also doesn’t know Junichi and Nemu are stepsister and stepbrother, so she really doesn’t understand their relationship, but she is always happy to watch them from a distance. She absolutely loves bananas, and despite her appearance, she is actually tough.

Her father is a mad scientist whose existence itself is a joke.

Likes: Bananas, chocolate bananas, banana crepes, Junichi and Nemu
Dislikes: Heights and high speeds, classical music, and sweet and sour pork

Required CPU: Pentium II 300MHz
Recommended CPU: Pentium III 600MHz
Required Memory: 96MB
Recommended Memory: 128MB
Required Resolution: 800x600
Required Colors: 24bit colors
Required HDD Free Space: 1GB

Good visual novel
I liked this visual novel.
Definitely a classic
Great story and characters, is a bit dated in term of technic (no custom resolution) but otherwise a great VN. Offering me multiple choices to where to go or what to do every now and then really got me into the story and the protagonist

Worth the price IMO. Can be replayed(and should) many times to get all the routes and some events that you might've missed during previous playthroughs

10/10 would forget to play again

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