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The art is
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has elements of
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the premise is
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Duel Princess (download)
All Ages, Partially Voiced
$24.95    MG point:124
On Sale:
Feb 10, 2022
Windows 10
4.0 out of 5 (1 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The princess of Blue Forest, a peaceful and small kingdom in the countryside.

Although a small kingdom without any particularly outstanding features, its inhabitants are known for their kindness, and the princess, Barbara, escapes from her castle to play in the city.

In addition to her childhood friend, Carla, the princess also interacts with two other princesses during the battle with the demon kings, and experiences the vastness of the world for the first time in the process. From this, she develops a complex about her own kingdom’s lack as she watches her three friends boast about the strength of each of their respective kingdoms.

When she learns of the signs of the Great Demon King’s resurrection, she decides to fight to save the world and bring honor to her kingdom, so that people would dub her’s as the kingdom with the hero who saved the world.
As the princess of a new continent, she aims to defeat her former friends and unite the world into one.
The princess of Calm Colline, the largest and most powerful kingdom.

Since the defeat of the Demon King, she has been trading with all three other countries and has built up her wealth as the middleman between them.
She is especially concerned about her childhood friend, Barbara, and worries that she might do something reckless. Carla used to be a timid crybaby, but after meeting Barbara, she was influenced by Barbara’s energy and grew into a capable leader supported by many.

Since Carla’s is the largest kingdom on the continent, she feels obligated to defeat and seal the Great Demon King herself.
However, once she learned that Barbara is planning on defeating the Great Demon King, she also comes to think that she cannot let her friend do such a dangerous thing.
The princess of Divine Pomme, a kingdom that studies dark magic.

As her kingdom specializes in dark magic, she is skilled in understanding the demon kings’ magical power and played a key role in defeating them.

She has been in contact with Carla for a long time, but Carla’s serious nature doesn’t quite match up with Dorothea’s mischievous behavior. And as a result of Carla getting angry at her, Dorothea became aware that she can be somewhat hard to deal with at times.

Although she may refer to the other princesses as her servants, she considers them as her dear friends. All the other princesses are aware of this fact, so they don’t pay any mind to her referring to them as such.

Just when she thought she could finally become the dark lord who rules over the world after defeating the other demon kings, she learns of the Great Demon Lord’s existence. Now, she aims to defeat him in what she calls a battle for the supremacy of darkness.
The princess of Edelhaupt, a kingdom surrounded by nature.

How can one put into words the feelings she has towards Frieda? Whether its friendship, longing, or love, she holds on to those feelings that she can’t sort out, and sets out to defeat the Great Demon King. In order to do this, she parts with Frieda and embarks on a journey to gather all the crests.

And once she gathers all the crests, she can make Frieda the heroine by losing to her...

Required CPU: Intel Core i3-6006U over
Recommended CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 over
Required Memory: 4GB RAM
Recommended Memory: 8GB RAM
Sounds: 16 bit stereo, 48KHz WAVE
Required Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 520
Recommended Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Required HDD Free Space: 1.3GB
DirectX: Version 11

Works on windows 7
Though the store specifies 10 the game runs fine on 7.

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