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Koropokkur in Love – Happi Coat (Limited)
Game Extras and Merchandise
$149.95    MG point:749
On Sale:
Nov 23, 2018
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”Uwu... I’m sorry, Owner... I said I could handle it, but I just keep dragging you down...”

Asirrera is a hardworking romanticist who has left the Koropokkur village in order to pursue her dream of becoming a human and falling in love, just like the girl in Koropokkur legend.

Although pursuing this dream is her primary goal, she secretly holds yet another reason for leaving the village...

She’s clumsy, easily flustered, and a bit ditzy, but she’s genuine and earnest to her very core. Unfortunately, her clumsiness causes a great deal of trouble for our protagonist, Satoru, and she pledges to make amends and help him with his cafe.

In addition to the general Koropokkur powers of changing size and how her outfit appears, she possesses the ability to conceal herself from others.
”Yeah, I’m Cirta. My bad for sending you flying earlier.”

Cirta is a carefree, rough around the edges kind of girl, who ignores all the minor issues or trivial matters that life happens to throw at her. Despite being a great hunter, she decides to leave the Koropokkur village after watching Asirrera’s hilarious antics in the human world.

She’s a tomboy and a loyal friend through and through, and devotes everything to helping Asirrera achieve her goal and obtaining true happiness, even if it means setting her own personal ambitions aside.

She loves to exercise, especially fighting and contests of strength.

Like Asirrera and the rest of the Koropokkur, she has the ability to change her size and how her outfit appears. Her powers also grants her super strength, which allows her to carry - or break - objects with ease.
”Yes, I worked stages at several cafes first. Know thyself, know thy enemies, and fight a hundred battles without danger--after all.”

Haruante is a very intelligent and capable leader when she’s not spinning outrageous stories. Back in the Koropokkur village, she taught Cirta and Asirrera much of what they know, especially about the human world.

She loves to tell dramatic and mysterious stories, but she has a compassionate side to her, too. She’s like an older sister to the two and takes Asirrera’s situation very seriously, perhaps moreso than she does.

In addition to the general Koropokkur powers, like changing her size and how her outfit looks, she also possesses the ability to control other creatures (less intelligent, the better!) and transform their physical appearance.

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