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Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
    MG point:139
On Sale:
Jun 11, 2021
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Silvia le Cruzcrown Sortilège Sisua
A princess from the Northern European kingdom of ”Sortilège.” Her nickname is ”Sylvie.” Although she is low in the line of succession to the throne, she’s an important guest while in Japan.

She’s generally innocent and naive, loves to go out on walks, and can often be found buying bread. She quickly takes an interest in Ouro, who is unlike anyone who exists in her world.

She’s ignorant of the world at large and still believes there are samurai, ninja, and the like in Japan. Worse yet, she’s incredibly gullible. She’s also a world-famous pianist, and a fan of the Japanese diva, Maria Bishop.
Kisaki Reina
A trendy girl in Ouro’s class. She’s a class favorite since she’s cute, cheerful, and friendly to everyone. She’s the sort who, despite her extreme popularity with men, would rather have a fun time with her girlfriends. Reina often teases Sylvie about modern fashion.

She enrolled at Noble Academy in hopes of someday getting into the fashion industry. She gets along well with Ouro due to their similar financial status and commoner mindset.
Heroina di Caballero istaa
A knight who serves as Sylvia’s imperial guard. Her nickname is ”Elle.” She excels in martial arts and boasts unparalleled strength, but is otherwise a bit of a klutz. Elle is prone to flying off the handle, so no one ever thinks of teasing her. She hates dirty jokes and will get angry if someone makes fun of her name.

Her female classmates and peers believe she stands out among the rest, and is popular with them as a result. She responds kindly when spoken to, so she has many latent fans.
Soma Ria
A moody, delinquent girl in a different class from Ouro. She’s a smoker and has been suspended a number of times.

Ria has quite the foul mouth, seems bored with everything, and has become incredibly cynical. She’s developed a reputation for being a hoodlum, so only happy-go-lucky people―like Reina―approach her.
Kuryu Akane
An enthusiastic girl who is part of the Track Club. She’s the reckless, clumsy type who tends to act before she thinks, and tries to overcome everything through sheer enthusiasm and willpower.

Everyone in the dorm sees Akane as a mascot of sorts. While Reina teases her, Sylvie is nothing but affectionate. She is surprisingly susceptible to pressure and will yell, ”Auauh!” in no time flat.
Caminal le Pultaia Sortilège Sisua
Silvie’s sister and the 10th princess of Sortilège. Her nickname is ”Mina.” She’s an insightful person who does see people for their social or economic status, but on their own personal merits.

However, she does not care for Ouro much as he is far too undisciplined for her liking and does not live up to her standards. Mina pokes her nose into Ouro’s business to correct his poor habits for her sister’s sake.
Jogasaki Ayaka
Committee Chairman of Ouro’s class. Her father is the president of a certain TV station and is now considered ”new rich.” She’s mild-mannered, but can be immensely sadistic and abrasive. Ayaka looks down on commoners and wishes they, especially Ouro and Reina, would leave Noble Academy.

Unfortunately for Ouro, he’s a complete sucker for Ayaka’s long, black hair and can’t stand up to her. If anyone comments on her large rear end, she will instantly lose her temper.
Maria Bishop
A musical artist of whom the protagonist is a huge fan. Since her online debut, her music received well over a hundred million downloads and netted her numerous awards in America, the United Kingdom, and Japan alike.

She is said to be the last diva in the Japanese music industry. Maria isn’t affiliated with any production company and has locked down all information about herself aside from her music.

Required CPU: 1.7 GHz or above
Required Memory: 1GB RAM
Required HDD Free Space: 10 GB available space

Surprisingly good game
I'm not typically a fan of moege, but this one bites deeper than your typically fluff moege. It's got surprising depth for a lighthearted game. The relationships are complex and the characters are super cute. You also get quite a lot of game for your money, with wonderful dialog and voice acting.

I'm not typically the type that reads all of the text of these kinds of lighthearted games. I'll sometimes skim over stuff, but found myself reading every line, and laughing at some of the interactions.

I'm surprisingly happy with this purchase. Recommended.
The story is lovely with 5 main heroines in the game. They have their own characteristics and that highlighted their personality throughout the games. If you want throughout finish the game, I recommend Reina > Akane > Elle > Sylvie > Golden Time. I thought Reina was the best, but When I finished the game. It is undecided for me who wins as the best girls of the game. The songs are lovely too, but I would want separate song for each character like the other games such as Aokana. However; It would be greedy for me to be that ambitious. rate 4.8/5 ( Cause of the last ending)

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