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The Shell Part 1: Inferno (download)
with Mosaics, Full Voice
$19.95    MG point:99
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Aug 8, 2023
Windows 10, Windows 11
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Reiji Tokisaka
VA: Waruta Higeuchi

Occupation: Private detective
Hobby: Reading (mainly history books)

Our protagonist is a private detective whose office is located in Shinjuku. He specializes in violent crime cases, like murders. After the war, Shugo Takashiro, the protagonist of Cartagra, asked Tokisaka if he wouldn’t become a police officer and make use of his talents. Tokisaka accepted and eventually became his partner, but that came to an end six years ago when a certain incident spurred Tokisaka to leave the force. Since then, he has rebuilt his life, becoming a detective just like his friend Shugo.

“It’s easy to see why the killer did the crime if you think about it long enough.”
Yukari Tokisaka
VA: Rino Kawashima

Occupation: A member of the Oba Girls’ Academy Art Club
Hobby: Observing and raising insects

Yukari is Reiji’s younger sister who he has a bit of an age gap with. Since he can’t do household chores to save his life, Yukari naturally came to do them all herself. She’s a brave but gentle and modest young woman who faithfully supports her brother. Being of a scholarly mindset, she is quite knowledgeable about insects. However, the bugs she raises in her room occasionally make a run for it, and sometimes she serves them up as dishes without warning...

“I just want to be there to pick you up whenever you fall. That’s all that matters to me...”
Toko Kuchiki
VA: Aji Sanma

Occupation: A member of the Oba Girls’ Academy Art Club
Hobby: Sketching, moonlit walks

Toko acts like an adult, but is in fact an odd creature, neither really an adult nor a child. Her casual mode of speech seems to contradict her appearance as a refined young woman, and she always manages to stand apart from the crowd, never letting others dictate how she acts. Feeling an inexpressible sense of uneasiness with her current ”existence,” she hires Tokisaka to “find her true self.”

“I want you to find something... Me. My true self.”
Tōko Mizuhara
VA: Mimi Yoshida

Occupation: A member of the Oba Girls’ Academy Art Club
Hobby: Illustrating picture books.

Toko’s best friend, she sees in her the vision of an ideal lady. Tōko, coming from a poorer family compared to the other students of the prestigious Oba Girls’ Academy, has a strong inferiority complex. Due to this, she despises the other students, her mother, and even herself. She would rather Tokisaka, who’s suddenly shown up in their lives and has started building a rapport with Toko, keep his distance from Toko.

“...Please stay away from Toko.”
Tsuzuriko Yosomiya
VA: Aoi Hinata

Occupation: A student of Oba Girls’ Academy and an author
Hobby: Making dojinshi

Tsuzuriko is very cheerful and sprightly. She may seem like the totally opposite of Yukari, but they actually get along very well and think of each other as best friends. She’s made her writing debut in literary magazines and has contributed articles to some less classy rags as well, which she of course keeps secret from the Academy. She was unwillingly given the nickname “Tojiko” by Tokisaka after he decided that “Tsuzuriko” was too hard to pronounce.

“I specialize in mystery nove—Hey, who’re you calling Tojiko?!”
Kyoko Hazuki
VA: Kaname Yuzuki

Occupation: Owner of the Moon World café
Hobby: Making sweets

Kyoko is a widow whose café Moon World is located near Kichijoji Station. She’s known Tokisaka for a long time, and they count each other as true friends and confidants, intimately familiar with each other’s lives. As they have both lost someone dear to them, they often act as mutual advisors as well. Her cafe has a lot of regular customers and seems to be profitable.

“One Kyoko’s Special Blend, coming right up.”
Hatsune Amemiya
Occupation: Server at the Moon World café
Hobby: Cooking (still learning)

Hatsune is a young woman who used to work at the brothel Yukishiro over in Ueno. Due to the incident that happened in Ueno and public pressure, the brothel was demolished some years prior. After it was destroyed, the madam adopted her and gave her the last name “Amemiya.” Now she lives and works at Moon World.

“Oh, umm, you can call me Hatsune. I’m still not used to the new surname.”
VA: Hikaru Isshiki

Occupation: Coroner
Hobby: Dissection

Natsume is eccentric in both looks and character, but the skills she displays as a coroner for the police are top-notch. She’s worked with Tokisaka since his detective days and still gives him information and advice when his investigation requires it. She is fond of Tokisaka... but since she asks for a certain something for that information, Tokisaka avoids her unless absolutely necessary. She claims she was born and raised in Kyoto, but her accent isn’t exactly consistent.

“Way ta pour salt in the wound. An’ I tried so hard, too...

Required CPU: intel Core i series
Required Memory: 2GB RAM
Recommended Memory: 4GB RAM
Sounds: PCM (DirectSound support)
Required Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Recommended Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 or AMD Radeon HD 2000 +
Required HDD Free Space: 2GB
Recommended HDD Free Space: 4GB
DirectX: 9.0c

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