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Tick! Tack! (download)
Without Mosaics, Full Voice
$34.95    MG point:174
On Sale:
Apr 26, 2013
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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4.6 out of 5 (5 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The story begins one holiday. During a calm afternoon, Rin’s group takes notice of a magical item in Nerine’s room, and it is accidentally activated during a fuss caused by Itsuki and Mayumi. The four of them: Rin, Nerine, Itsuki, and Mayumi, are sent to the World of the Devils, 20 years in the past. The two girls they meet there will change history in a big way.

Forbesii’s maid.

At this point in time, Forbesii was not yet the King of the Devils, but just the prince. Sage is the type to act first and ask questions later, but has exceptional pride in her job as a maid, and wishes to serve her master. She worries about Forbesii stealing her work. Also, her Thunder Kick can demolish boulders if she gets serious.
The King of the Devils, Forbesii’s, only daughter, a graceful young woman who goes by the nickname ”Rin.”

Intelligent and possesses vast magical power. Her cooking deals enormous damage. However, when it comes to attire, she displays extraordinary talent. She locked away her own feelings inside out of a sense of obligation to a single girl, but Rin rescued her, and now she can now spend every day smiling and sharing that girl’s sentiments. She is so mushy around Rin, it makes everyone around them sigh.
Forbesii’s sister.

Has an amiably energetic disposition, and young at that. Always raring to go. However, once she snaps and enters ”Queen Mode”, there’s no stopping her. If she dislikes you, she won’t hesitate to mercilessly smack you with a chair. She acts with a lack of restraint, impulsively putting any plan into action as soon as it comes to mind. She is a close friend to Eustoma, the King of the Gods, and thinks only of him, even in this era.
Rin and Nerine’s classmate, and a troublemaker.

Though she ’s half-human and half-Devil, her human side is dominant and her magical power is microscopic. A girl brimming with curiosity, she ignores any consequences once she gets an idea in her head and runs swiftly along with a camera in hand. The level of fatigue around the gang only rises when Mayumi and Itsuki are together. Furthermore, her flat chest is a sore spot, despite being a defining
personality trait. They could even be called the very symbol of Mayumi Thyme
A noble Devil and Forbesii’s fiancee.

Calm, and always watching over Forbesii. Also a good-humored and playful type. She mostly smiles, but can also sulk and get shy at times. When she sets her mind to something, she’s devotedly forthright, and can be quite assertive. Though she’s an indoor type and a bath lover, she’s unexpectedly energetic, yet somewhat helpless.
The King of the Devils that presides over the World of Devils in the present era.

At the point in time Rin and the other’s arrive in, he’s still just a prince. Extensively knowledgeable, intellectual, and strategic. He doesn’t like violence, but if it becomes necessary, he shows no mercy. He is relatively fond of familial things, and is pretty loyal. Has a reputation for looking surprisingly suited to aprons. He loves poking fun at and teasing people. Even in the past, his motto ”Tease, don’t hit” remains strong.
The butler who served Forbesii during his time as prince.

A man handsome enough to hold his own against Forbesii. Despite how thin he looks, he has muscles of steel. His favorite words are ”Love” and ”Loyalty.” Though he is normally a capable butler, his desire for Forbesii, which lights a fire in his heart, is a burning passion capable of inciting flaming behavior. In truth, he is a zealous type.
Rin and Nerine’s classmate, and a bad friend and a sex maniac.

A young man with nice features and a bright smile, Itsuki possesses an intellect which could be called the best in the academy... as long as he doesn’t open his mouth. Woman are advised to keep their distance. His lust is such that you could say his past-times and top skills are all related to flirting, and given any spare time, he’ll hit on any women within reach He’s very cold to anyone he isn’t interested in, but takes very good care of anyone who amuses him. In times of true peril, he will surely save everyone with his intellect... maybe.

Required CPU: Pentium II 233Mhz
Recommended CPU: Pentium III 600Mhz
Required Memory: 128MB
Recommended Memory: 256MB
Required Resolution: 800x600
Required Colors: 16bit colors
Recommended Colors: 24bit colors
Required HDD Free Space: 2GB
DirectX: DirectX 6.1 or higher

As much as I enjoyed Shuffle, Tick Tack was even better. Nerine was my favorite character from the original, and the new characters (Ai, Sage, and Cineraria) are amazing as well.

Cineraria is sadly lacking a route, but I really enjoyed all the other routes (normal, red, loli, Sage, and Ai). The game offers 4 endings and a great variety of scenes along the way

I highly recommend it!
Nerine Fan Not Required
I recommend this to any fan of Shuffle! Even if you're not a Nerine fan, there is something in here for you to enjoy. I love that you get the option to play with time and completely mess up everything, or keep things in tact. Ai had the best route in my opinion, even though at first I didn't like her all that much.

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