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D.S. Dal Segno (download)
Without Mosaics, Voiced Except Main Character
$39.95    MG point:199
On Sale:
Jun 30, 2017
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
3.7 out of 5 (9 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

”I exist to make everyone happy♪”

Character Bio:
Ame is a girl-type AI who greeted the protagonist upon his arrival on Kazana Island.

She proclaims that it is her role to make everyone on the island happy. Her perpetual smile makes her the pride and joy of the island residents.

Apart from her usual duties, she is also in charge of maintenance of the entire system governing the island.

Class:Caretaker of Paradise
Birthday:December 31st
Likes:Seeing people smile.
Dislikes:Has none.
Murasaki Hazuki
”Do I... really look like I am bored? I try to seem like I am enjoying myself.”

Character Bio:
Hazuki is the president of the Kazana Academy student council, and the principal’s daughter. Brains and beauty are hers to command, making her a stalwart force amongst both students and faculty.

She’s often seen working up a storm in the student council room, and few students have seen her outside school. Her father is often away from the island, and she acts as his proxy.

Class:2nd Year, Group 1
Birthday:April 24th
Likes:Her parents, cute stuffed animals (she keeps this secret.)
Asamiya Himari
”This is ”Iris”. My only... no! One of my many many friends.”

One of the protagonist’s many classmates. Himari is a pretty girl who always dons a strange hat. She lives in the same dormitory as the protagonist. While she attends class in the morning, she has a habit of bolting out of class after attendance is taken. It’s rumored that she talks with unseen entities, and she’s quite the peculiar free spirit.
Her favorite pastime is staring off into the ocean by herself.

Class: 2nd year, Third Group
Height: 157cm
Birthday:August 1st
Likes:Blue Skies, White Clouds, Freedom
Dislikes:Watches, phones, and any fancy gadgets.
Kouzuki Io
”...I am the sealed Daughter of Darkness. Offer thy name as sacrifice to my resurrection.”

Character Bio: One of the protagonist’s many classmates that calls herself the “Daughter of Darkness.”She lives in the same dormitory as the protagonist.

Donning a highly-customized school uniform, she prefers to employ advanced diction in her speech.
As such, most in her class keep their distance whenever possible. She is convinced the transfer student, the protagonist, bears many secrets, and is quite curious about him.

Class:2nd year, Group Three
Birthday: February 29th
Likes:The occult periodical "The Weekly Wildebeast"; traveling to spiritual places.
Takamura Mei
“And what was your intention in not contacting me, mister? Might I request an explanation?”

Mei is the protagonist’s actual sister. Along with her brother, she resided at the Fujishiro household, their mother’s sister. However, he left for Kazana Academy, but she continued to live there with her aunt.

She is disappointed with her brother for leaving the coop, but understands his reasons for doing so, and knows it is futile to be angry with him.

Class: First year student at a school on the mainland.
Birthday:November 30th
Fujishiro Noeri
“On your first day of your transfer, the cousin character is supposed to wake you up! We had a deal, right?!”

She’s the protagonist’s cousin, but insists that she’s his little sister. She moved to the dormitory the protagonist was assigned to, and intends to look after him.

Given the protagonist’s tendency to stay on top of things, she rarely gets the chance to“take care of him”like she envisions. Among her classmates, she is apparently seen as well off and hardworking.

Class:Third year (extension school), Group Four
Birthday:July 2nd
Likes:Black coffee (She really wants sugar, though) Western music (but she really listens to tons of J-pop and anime songs).
Dislikes:Spicy food.

Required CPU: Core 2 Duo Or Better
Required Graphics: 128Mb DirectX 9 Compatible Adapter
Required HDD Free Space: 4.2GB

Really Comfy Moege
I can't tell you how this game holds up to the Da Capo games since I haven't played them yet, but I really enjoyed this game. It has a really good balance of being a fluffy romance story with a little drama spiced in at times to keep things interesting. There is a lot of comfy romance fluff if you're into that like me, but if you're looking for something that's really serious you may be a bit disappointed. If you like both of those things though, you'll love this one. I said it wasn't super serious, but you'll probably still cry at least a little bit. I think the Himari route and the Ame route had the strongest plot lines, but the other routes were no slouch either. I loved all the heroines in this game too, I actually felt encouraged to do every route in this, which I don't always feel motivated to do with moege. The protag was okay, pretty inoffensive, maybe a little sexist and stereo typically dense at times, but he doesn't really bring the experience down at least. If you're just here for the sex, the h-scenes were fine, but there weren't that many of them, and there weren't many CG's for them. I kinda wish there were a few more, but I'm mostly here for the fluff. If you're here for sex you'll most likely be dissapointed as well, but if you like comfy cute stuff this is gold, Himari especially had some really cute scenes.

It's nothing incredibly ground-breaking, but it's just a really solid-game. Might even be one of my new favorites. Definitely want to check out the Da Capo games after playing this. I really hope the fandisc gets translated at some point because I really want to see what's the deal with Ame... Also Io best girl.
Not worth it
From the perspective of story and writing, Dal Segno has some style, but not much to engage the reader. The dialogue is a combination of dry, sarcastic witticisms with people often talking in circles, in a very esoteric style (it doesn't appear to simply be translation, it is peculiar). Characterization is rather forced, and based more on simple tropes and physical appearance, than any gradual character building. The player character, to me, came off as not particularly likeable (probably the dry humor that pervades most of the dialogue in the game). I really felt little connection to the characters or their plight. I was largely bored after the prologue. The pace of everything felt clinical at times, and only got going in earnest when the plot needed to start moving along. As I played the adult version, the H-scenes were awkwardly executed dialogue wise with certain girls, and just felt out of place. Given the quality of the H art, I came away thinking this probably should have stayed a light ecchi - or just a normal - game (more on that below).

Visually, the environment art is pretty nice. Not spectacular, but is the game's strong point. The character designs (outside of the H material) are pretty good (standard modern manga/anime), although some of the off-the-wall clothing/outfits seem forced, as though they were put there with the express purpose of having people remember the characters and the game. The H art is pretty bad, particularly with certain girls, and the rendering of certain....*things* either complete crap, or not rendered when it should have been.

If you're looking for good writing, this VN isn't up to it. If you're looking for good H-art, this is below average, and too sparse anyway. At ~$40 USD (currently), this absolutely isn't worth it. The environment art is good, and the application itself (UI, etc) is well put together, but that's no consolation. Save your money and look elsewhere.

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