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Magical Marriage Lunatics (download)
Without Mosaics, Voiced Except Main Character
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Apr 26, 2018
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (7 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Luci Yami Astalité
Luci Yami Astalité is a vampire princess that prefers to go by Luci. She addresses those around her in an icy and somewhat sassy tone.

Even those with an ironclad will kneel at her feet when confronted with her noble, yet audacious, charm. Her confidence is a barbed arrow with deadly precision, though those who meet her come to learn of her authentic nature.

Luci has traveled to the human world to fulfill the love pact she made with the protagonist.

She intended to hold a ceremony the second they reunited, but is rudely interrupted by some competition. Despite the unforeseen impasse, she remains absolutely convinced that she is Yuta’s true love.

She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 2nd year student.

”I swore to you first... Not like that matters, anyway.”
Julia Lyn Lord
Her acquaintances know her by Juli. She is a succubus, yet doesn’t quite play the part.

A beauty with a highly tuned fashion sense, she puts even most stunning succubi to shame. On top of that, her perfect proportions deliver quite the coup de grâce. Though wielding a bombastic physique, she’s quite bashful, and finds it difficult to make the first move.

People find her very attractive, if only for her looks and reserved nature. In actuality, she’s not good with men, and is insecure in regards to her standing as a worthy succubus.

Juli has traveled to the human world to fulfill the love pact she made with the protagonist. In spite of her ardent love toward him, just imagining their passionate union sends her into a nervous fit.

She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 2nd year student.

”Hmmhmm... Don’t I look just lovely in this...?”
Karin Amagi
A Tenko, and somewhat of a mischievous flirt that prefers to go by Karin. She’s rambunctious and vivacious, and in a manner of speaking, unrefined. When speaking with the protagonist she tends to speak her mind, and isn’t shy about making her feelings known. Never fear, though, because her honesty is the genuine thing.

Luci is somewhat of a childhood rival, and both are always quarreling about something. Of course, they’re not truly enemies.

Karin has traveled to the human world to fulfill the love pact she made with the protagonist. Unlike the other girls, she’s laidback about the marriage proposal, and thinks Yuta should just seal the deal with her posthaste.

She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 2nd year student.

”You’re the only one I let play with my ears, you know?”
Yorihime Mitsunotama
Yorihime Mitsunotama is a benevolent goddess princess that prefers to go by Yorihime.

As expected of a celestial being, she is the embodiment of kindness. However, she can be frightening if angered, so it’s best to be wary around her.

Being a goddess, her power transcends everything in existence. Much to her dismay, people have recently begun to lose their faith. Yorihime has traveled to the human world fulfill the love pact she made with the protagonist. Discovering the emotion known as love has been a joyous experience for her.

She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 3rd year student.

”A truth unknown to humans... Gods can fall in love, too. Heeheehee.”
Luluna is a tranquil witch princess. She has a ”true name,” but it can only be divulged to the one she has made a love pact with.

Her doll-like face betrays no emotion. As if anointed with porcelain, such immaculate beauty only serves to accentuate this impression.

Luluna has traveled to the human world to fulfill the love pact she made with the protagonist.

You’ll have to count your lucky stars to see a hint of emotion cross her face. When confronting Yuta, this stoic mask falls and a gentle flush colors her cheeks.

She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 1st year student.

”Merely by looking at you, my pulse increases by twenty beats, and my body temperature rises by half a degree, causing a subtle sweat. I suppose this is love.”
Yuna Shirahase
Yuta and Yuna are two peas in a pod, and most people refer to them as YuYu (Although she secretly changes it to Yu♥Yu in her mind)

Yuna is an average human with no noteworthy characteristics. She has known Yuta well since childhood, as they were next-door neighbors. They’re the same age, but she tends to depend on him like a big brother for the most part.

Her family manages the Honeydew Cafe, and she’s always helping out. It’s rumored that the high volume of male customers is due in large part to this, despite being a confectionery.

She cherishes the ”proposal” (or something along those lines) that Yuta made to her when they were kids. It would mean the world to this sweet and simple girl if this love could finally bloom.

She is a 2nd year student at Shinonome Academy.

”N-No way. Yu♥Yu is forever.”

Required CPU: Pentium 4
Recommended CPU: Core2Duo
Required Memory: 512MB
Recommended Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 1280x720
Sounds: PCM
Required Graphics: 32MB VRAM
Recommended Graphics: 128MB VRAM
Required HDD Free Space: 6GB
DirectX: 9.0c

Love this game!
I bought this game a year and a half ago but keep coming back to it to replay the Luci route (not sure why, something about the character just sticks with me). There aren't many VNs that I've returned to after completing, but I enjoy this one enough to want to come back and leave a positive review after recently replaying again. The devs who made this did a really great job!
Amazing Game!
-Luci: Going down this path is the only way to know why Luci wanted to make a pact, since you otherwise only get the vague references of you saving her (somehow) in the beginning. (Also the only girl who has an anal H-scene. All of the other H-scenes in the game are "vanilla".)

-Juli: Despite the fact I'm sure she's the obvious option to start out with in a H-game like this, it has a fulfilling ending. Want the love (and exclusive sex-rights) of a succubus? Great, but it'll cost ya. Wanna deal with her weird family? No? Well, she's worth going through the awkwardness for.

-Karin: Her path had more depth and character development than I originally thought. She's also the only girl who makes it clear how important having kids is to her. That and wow, the music for the Tenko festival was grand.

-Yorihime: Want a literal goddess who reads a ton of erotic romance novels and wants to be subservient to YOU? Well, you're in luck. This is the purest (There's still plenty of H-scenes) path and is filled of basically straight romance and emotional fulfillment. There's no small problem that snowballs into something horrible. I assumed there was partway through but was pleasantly proven wrong.

-Luluna: She has, by far, the most shocking and memorable twist down her path. She talks funny sometimes and can never make a good joke, but she's well worth pursuing.

-Yuna: She's modest, sweet, and tries her best to compete with magical princesses. This is also the only line that delves into WHY you can go into other worlds. The explanation is a bit out there, but the story is weaved together expertly enough to let ya just roll with it.

-Luci and Yorihime are the only two you actually get to see in a wedding dress. The video above implied I might get to see more of the MARRIAGE part, but no. I had expectations from such a title.
-When you pick a girl, you REALLY pick them. Only a couple paths have more than cameos from the rest after you chose, diminishing the atmosphere of camaraderie.
-Karin is sometimes a little too dumb, to a frustrating extent.
-It's never explained WHY it's so hard for some races to cross into other worlds.
-If you choose anyone but Yuna, there's a period of time where the plot demands they leave to their world for a excruciatingly long time. It feels contrived because they go from going through the game day by day, to skipping around a little, to full on skipping whole months at a time and I feel like I could have had more slice of life fun with the others in the meantime, but no.
-Kind of on the same note. A summit is mentioned multiple times, an annual event when the princesses would NORMALLY get to see each other. So, what happens? Could we be whisked away, letting you meet ALL the families? Maybe get a better view of otherworldly politics? Nope.
-The plot demands they never get upset after the initial shock of knowing you're engaged to others. Everything is almost immediately accepted. I thought it slightly unrealistic.
-No possibility of a harem route. It'd be cool to unlock a seventh path after doing all six that would forego all pacts and have a free-for-all or something.
-This isn't a personal complaint, but if you wanted some H-scenes to give you some specific fetish-fulfillment, sorry.
-The loud beeps in H-scenes take me out of it since the girls can't say any variation when referring to the genitals.


Overall, I loved this game enough to say that I would have accepted an option to make the H-scenes be replaced by a little different wording and a fade-to-black to continue the awesome storytelling. This game didn't even need them for me to fall for any of the girls. They all prove themselves and the writing is high enough quality to make up for basically any complaint I could have about it. If you're hesitant, don't be. It's worth every bit of the price and there's hours upon hours of content for each path.

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