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I enjoyed the
story despite
the lack of
divergent paths
especially due
to being
accustomed to
JAST titles

Apostle (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, No voice
$19.95    MG point:99
On Sale:
Nov 8, 2019
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
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Rei Yagami
A young man with a strong sense of justice. He chooses to not take part in any club activities at school, and instead performs detective-like tasks for people, sometimes earning money.
Akari Kinoshita
A close friend of Rei since elementary school. Though quite clumsy, her G-cup breasts, proportions, and cute appearance have earned her many fans.
Satsuki Saijou
A member of Squad Six. She chooses to mostly dispatch with Konoha due to her disdain towards men.
Konoha Jinguuji
A girl with a boyish haircut and mannerisms. She’s quite laid back and likes to hang out with anyone, which makes her popular among both genders.
Remy Christopher
The stunning half-American beauty who grew up in Tokyo. While normally quite calm and collected, anyone who incurs her wrath will no doubt bear witness to her savage side.
Kenshin Takeda
Trinity Squad Six’s captain and a descendant of the legendary Sengoku period military commander, Shingen Takeda. Has a complex over her petite body.

Required CPU: Intel Core2 Duo or better
Required Memory: 4GB RAM
Required Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
Required HDD Free Space: 1.5GB
DirectX: 9.0

Kagura games does it again!
Good fun.
Not a perfect game (for one, it could really use at least one more Act to further flesh out some of the side cast and give scenes to a few unjustly-left-out girls on other teams), but a ton of fun. The RPG elements and character customization are on-point, so combat and adventuring are actually quite fun in their own right, and the animations look great. And the dating sim elements work fine. There's a bit of stress involved, but nothing too painful.

The characters are appealing, and actually a bit more complex than they seem. Satsuki, for instance, *seems* like she'll be the stereotypical man-hating angry tsundere, but within her first scene she's shown a bit of humanity for apologizing after learning about the protagonist's tragedy. And the story isn't bad at all, even if it's mostly stuff you've seen before.

The sex is generally well-drawn (assuming you like tiddy monsters, anyway, which I do), and well-written. There are one or two places where the game offers perverse incentives, and the protagonist doesn't really have the chance not to cheat or tomcat about during certain sidequests, but that's the worst I'll say about them. Also, I do wish the defloration bits were *quite* so bloody, but I suspect that's part of the fetish overall.

And the NG+ is extremely forgiving and quick if you want to go back and try for other endings, or the harem ending, so there's that too.

I was gonna give it four stars, but honestly? I think I've convinced myself writing this and bumped it up a notch, just for how accessible it is. Recommended!

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