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The Menagerie (download)
Without Mosaics, No voice
$15.95    MG point:79
On Sale:
Oct 2, 2015
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X, Linux
4.5 out of 5 (4 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The Menagerie is an 18+ original western eroge made by Studio Lupiesoft. 

The game tells the story of 6 characters from Rao-Ji’s perspective the Drachene futanari girl. Join Rao-Ji on her adventure within The Menagerie, where she meets several rather strange people.

Rao-Ji has been in the Menagerie for a long time. Rao-ji was found as an egg within the Rift and brought back to the city of Alabast. Prior to then not much was known about Drachene. Although Drachene are not reclusive, they are notoriously secretive, especially regarding their origins and their homelands. Rao-Ji, isolated from her people, her lands, has never known what being a Drachene means. Or known who she is, or what sort of person she is supposed to be. In a world where her existence is novelty and she’s never known what being “free” is.

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Monkey is a Caprician. A curious tree-dwelling race that hails from the Rift, a cradle of life. Among the craggy outcroppings along the Rift, some trees have lived for thousands of years. Capricians build their homes among these massive rocks and trees. Here they are naturally shelted from the violent wind, rain, lightning and flooding that the Rift is chaotically prone to.

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Jouya Askari
The gaudy, the extravagant, the convivial and conniving Jouya Askari. A spice dealer by trade, she had made a name for herself all over the country of Alabasta for her sharp tongue and like many Alabastians, a keen sense and love for business. Eventually she moved on to even larger markets trading spices between neighboring countries, most notably the humans of Wandering White Rock. Eventually many smaller merchants would pay high fees to join her caravans moving back and forth through the wastes in order to expand their markets.

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Sabei Koni
Born under questionable heritage, Sabei Koni is a peculiar breed of noble. From an early age she trained in sword fighting and the martial practices of the military. Her vast fortune and tenacity afforded her the tutelage under many famed sword fighters in Alabasta, quickly becoming known for her saber skills. Much greedier for new knowledge and unique experiences than material possession, Sabei led many campaigns through the Rift, which up to that point had still been relatively unexplored and uncharted territory. She brought back much notoriety and wondrous keepsakes which earned her a fortune of her own.

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Aishi Aza
The lunar umbra, an almost eerie place where time seems to stand still, where the wind never blows, and where the temperature is unbearable for most races, is called home by the nomadic Dark Elves. Who travel throughout the lunar umbra in yearly hunting cycles, always mindful to leave no trace of their presence behind them. Dark Elves have never had a empire nor cities, no technology or great wealth to speak of. There is no library or written history, instead an unbelievably rigid caste system based on passing down, with perfect recollection, all knowledge accumulated by the previous generations of Dark Elves in that caste.

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Asumamiya has been within the Menagerie for years. Taken from the lake when she was very young, Asumamiya has only faint memories of what the lake was like, now replaced by new memories of her gradual abandonment. In some strange ways, Asumamiya has come to miss the attention and adoration she used to receive years ago. Asumamiya now lives alone in an often neglected wing of the Menagerie. In her tank she sees no one but the other servants who come to bring her fresh algae from the lake.

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Required CPU: Core2 Duo 2GHz
Required Memory: 2GB
Required Resolution: 1280x720
DirectX: DirectX 9.0
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0

Worth replaying over and over
I got this game back before they revised it and it was great fun. They revised it and it became even more entertaining. The visuals, story, and options that change the route are very good. The writers and creators care about the story they are telling. Loved it so much I bought their other game on steam!
Well worth the time
The art is good, the setting is interesting, the characters are pretty well fleshed out for a novel of its length, and the story is surprisingly hertfelt.
I'd say it's dore than worth the money, despite the short story. And hey, two big thumbs up for actually depicting aftercare, an element of bdsm that many writers seem to forget bout.

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