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Nakadashi Banzai 5 (download)
Without Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$14.95    MG point:74
On Sale:
May 20, 2021
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Please check System Requirements before check out.

Patricia Wolfe
A cheerful, friendly girl brimming with curiosity. Her nickname is Patti.

She attends a top women’s university and gets great marks, but tends to get the wrong impression about things and rush in without thinking. This makes her easy to trick and gets her into trouble often.

Her strong-willed exterior and extreme swimsuit have caused the Japanese people around her to take notice. Just when she’s thinking about how she’d like to talk to some of them more, our hero comes in to save the day. And then...?!
Emiri Igarashi
A local student.

She’s got tan lines from a swimsuit and is really slender, but she doesn’t have much of a chest to speak of. And on top of that, it seems like she’s got a complex about something...?

She’s a sociable girl and willing to help others out. She’s got a crush on someone but lacks the confidence to tell him her true feelings. Our hero is more than ready to teach her some tools of seduction...!
Yui Oshimoto
A housewife who’s visiting the beach on her kids’ request.

Our hero pretends to be a newspaper reporter with her, but she sees right through the deception. She’s killing time though, so she decides to play along for a while.

She’ll go from smiling brightly to deflating you with a caustic comment in the blink of an eye, so you can’t let your guard down. She seems pleased at our hero’s bold approach, but what will happen next...?!

Required CPU: Pentium III
Recommended CPU: Pentium 4
Required Memory: 512MB
Recommended Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 800 x 600
Sounds: PCM, Direct Sound
Required HDD Free Space: 1GB
DirectX: 7.0

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