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Horny Elves and a Moral Orc (download)
Without Mosaics, Partially Voiced
$44.95    MG point:224
On Sale:
Nov 18, 2021
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
5.0 out of 5 (1 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

While prim and proper on the surface, Myshla is a busty elf with a an abnormally perverse side.

Her carnal desires and excessive masturbation habits sometimes overpower her otherwise wholesome traits, and drive her to seek higher sexual pleasures every day of her life.

After learning of the now-unspoken rape-riddled history of the elves at the hands of the orcs, she is consumed with an obsession to be violated in the same way. Along with her sister Eymie, who shares the same sentiments, she embarks on a journey to make her wish a reality.

"Please violate me! Force my pussy to know the pleasure of being raped silly by an orc!!"
Pushy and cunning, Eymie is standoffish, yet eager to act when either her libido flares up or a twisted idea appears in her brain.

Her older sister is the most important being in her world, and under the guise of "protecting" her from an orc (that is, being raped in her place), she deviously seeks her own sexual pleasure.

Her unusual desire for an orc cock was developed alongside her older sister’s "Theory of Orc-Rape Supremacy".

"We... We, both of us... wanted to be raped by an orc cock ourselves!"
Donovan lives deep in the forest far away from civilization, as the last surviving orc.

A peaceful being who dislikes conflict, he is upstanding, kind, and just.
However, he will let out his inner beast, should it become a matter of life and death.

His tranquil way of living is about to get turned upside down when he meets the two elf sisters with a burning desire to be ravaged by his orcish manhood.

Donovan has always lived in mellow solitude, and would have preferred to keep it that way, regardless of his oath to never rape and ravage like his ancestors. But little by little, he’s starting to enjoy his new (albeit chaotic) life with the elves.

"I swore to the Goddess that I would never violate anyone as long as I live!"

Required CPU: Intel Core i
Required Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 1280×720
Required Graphics: 128MB
Required HDD Free Space: 2.5GB
DirectX: 9.0c

A no nonsense fun eroge
This VN is an enjoyable sex romp of a poor reluctant Orc forced into sexual activity with some damn sexy Elves. As far as VN gameplay goes there is not many choices to make.... In fact the only choice you ever make is actualy in the finaly chapter, until then the story has a very specific beat. The sexy elves make a move, the orc is sexed up, he redoes the situation and sexes up the elf so he doesn't die. Repeat, enjoy and go on.

It is a fun brain dead romp, honestly. Don't expect a revinity plot, just go in for the Orc and Elf sex and enjoy.

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