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Rance IX -The Helmanian Revolution- (download)
Role playing
Without Mosaics, No voice
$49.95    MG point:249
On Sale:
Feb 23, 2023
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
4.2 out of 5 (4 reviews)
Please check System Requirements before check out.

The protagonist of this series.

Loves girls/sex.
Follows his desires, no questions asked and no mercy offered.

The Archfiend froze his longtime partner, Sill, in a block of ice, and he was planning to infiltrate Helman in search of treasure that could help, so when Patton asked for help with the revolution, he readily agreed. He also demanded to be the leader, making himself captain of the Revolutionary Army.

Of course, he plans to bang any hot girls he comes across, including Empress Sheila.
Russian Cullet
Rance’s new servant.

She and many other boys and girls were captured by slave traders and on the way to be sold off when they were rescued by Rance. But when she saw Rance demand sex of the girls as a reward, she offered to take their place and do whatever he asked.

She accepted Rance’s command to serve him until the end of his current adventure, leaving her with the job of tending to his chores.
Kanami Kentou
The Queen of Leazas’s personal ninja.

Back when Rance was investigating an incident in Leazas, Queen (Princess at the time) Lia ordered her to stop him, marking their first meeting.

Lia later fell madly in love with Rance and often ordered Kanami to watch over him, typically from the attic of Rance’s room.

Petite and nimble, her ninja skills are adequate, but she personally wishes for a normal, happy life
Tilde Sharp
A lieutenant in the Kingdom of Leazas’s Royal Guard.

Brimming with ambition, her goal is to be the world’s strongest swordswoman. She loves praise and flattery, and puts in a sincere effort to get some whenever possible.

Still, she believes she must appear elegant at all times, so however strenuous the work, she pretends it was all simple in the end.

She wants to establish connections with promising men, so Rance’s exceptional talent has led her to sleep with him on occasion. Her current objective is to climb the ranks and become captain of the Royal Guard.
Shizuka Masou
A mage from the Free City of Custom.

A man named Ragarl killed her father and kidnapped her mother, and until a few years ago, her life was dedicated to revenge.

After Ragarl’s death, his daughter and Shizuka’s half-sister, Nagi su Ragarl, swore her own vengeance against Shizuka. Unwilling to kill her sister, she currently lives a life of constant travel to avoid Nagi’s attacks.

She claims to despise Rance, but ends up working with him frequently.
A mercenary from the island nation of Nippon, which is to the Continent’s east. Her real name is Sen Tokugawa.

Born in a nation rife with civil war, she’s oddly fond of battle, and particularly loves fights that end in the virtual destruction of her side.

Her clan was destroyed by youkai tanuki and she was thrown in a dungeon where Rance saved her. When peace came to Nippon, she left in search of battle elsewhere.
Pigu Greciam
A mysterious girl who’s a part of Helman’s 1st Army.

Nobody really knows what’s going on in her head. She inexplicably has the power to split into smaller versions of herself.
Miracle Tor
A dark mage with talent that could go down in history.

She spent much of her life training away from the public eye and doesn’t have much fame, but her skill is unmistakable.

An acquaintance of Patton, she came to help the Revolutionary Army. She proclaims that she will one day take over the world and has no reservations about telling this to the revolutionaries.

Required CPU: Core i3 and up
Required Memory: 2GB RAM
Required Resolution: 1280 x 720
Sounds: WAVE, Direct Sound
Required Graphics: Shader Model 2.0, 256MB
Required HDD Free Space: 2.5GB
DirectX: 9.0c

More side than full game?
Before I start: the game is not bad. It's just not the same intensity, passion, and quality.

Minor spoiler, since I want you to know exactly what you are buying. I will avoid the "good" stuff since you are buying a Rance game and I am assuming you know what you will get. So I only write what is different VS previous Rance games that I said this is not the "same quality"

1st part of the game starts with Rance being like a little child who learned a new world. In this case, being Rape. He keeps repeating, proudly, rape rape rape (start the game and you will get what I mean since we all know how Rance is yet this is still next level...). And this is taken further, even girls who love him, exactly on his obsession to proudly say he is a rapist (yes, he says stuff like this....), he will force them in a way they don't consent (aka rape) intentionally despite them asking to do it normally.... funny enough... late game Rance actually shows romance and more in some scenes that make me wonder if this is really Rance, especially the character epilogues...

Intensity? The story is just there. Has very good moments. Sadly there is no mystery or anything, everything is clear with each new scene just reconfirming what you know already. And it's a bit sad since Rance 6 is considered one of the best due to the story only for Rance 9 to be average (?).

Quality? All are numbers. There are no skills swamp like previous Rance games, and no autoplay (
Slight disappointment
It's definetly not a "bad" Rance game, but still it's so far away from "Sengoku" that it hurts.
If Sengoku is "11/10 best game of all time", Rance IX is like 7/10 at best (for me).
I could dig deep into issues with story and battle system, but I don't think it's even necessary, since both are extremely simple.
Waiting for "Rance X". I hope it will satisfy my "Sengoku" desires much more than this.

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