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Kuroinu 2 Redux (download)
with Mosaics, Female Full Voice
$24.95    MG point:124
On Sale:
Nov 7, 2023
Windows 8, Windows 10
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Iris Arcadia
Princess General of the Holy Kingdom of Aurelia.

Whether it’s leading her army or wielding a sword herself, she is a respected leader without equal. With not an arrogant bone in her body, she is a compassionate woman who cares deeply about ensuring peace for her people. As such, she is staunchly opposed to the ways of the Service Nation.

She shares a strong bond with Lady Seraphina, the symbol of the Holy Kingdom. Although she is uncharacteristically strict for her age, when Lady Seraphina appears before her, she becomes remarkably docile.
Seraphina Rentoit
The ancient high elf that slumbers in the palace of the Holy Kingdom.

She is the reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia worshiped by the people of Eos. Legend has it that when the world is in danger of being destroyed, she will awaken to save the people. She is elegant and modest, but there’s also something captivating about her.

Originally, she was opposed to going to war, but as the Service Nation has grown, she feared that the world was at risk, and agreed to fight. As she and Iris share a common viewpoint, they have a friendship that transcends species.
One of the soldiers under Derek’s command, half human and half dark elf.

She was enslaved from a young age, until Derek bought her freedom, and taught her the skills she would need to survive, not only in the ways of swordsmanship, but also in the ways of seduction.

Indebted to the master who gave her her freedom, she will take on any dirty job Derek requires of her.
Mistiora Aite
A pure-blooded dark elf, seldom seen in the land of the humans.

On top of her rare beauty, she is also gifted with wisdom and grace. However, a curse was placed upon her that draws men to her. Countless men have fought over her, which has even led to the destruction of nations, and earned her the name ’Deadly Beauty.’

Wandering from place to place, she currently resides in the desert kingdom of Eldonia as the king’s concubine.
She is the leader of the foxfolk who came from the distant east and built a nearby nation.

She also leads the group of special spies known as ninjas. She has a bewitching air about her that makes it difficult to know what she’s thinking, but in truth, she is a devoted individual who won’t hesitate to sacrifice anything for those she loves.

She has a younger brother called Meno, but he has been taken captive by the Service Nation.
Astrid Flamel
The next Grandmaster of her hometown Kimia, a nation solely populated by magicians. She can summon golems and is skilled in the ways of alchemy.

Not only is she devoted to her own research, but she is passionate about training her pupils, and currently has three energetic girls under her wing. She can be overly critical, but it’s only because she cares. It’s because she’s so frank when she’s looking after her pupils that she’s earned their love and respect.
Mel Mel
A halfling that serves as representative of the United Mercantile States of Tull.

Although she is skilled as a merchant, she’s anything but calm and collected, and makes her emotions and preferences extremely clear.

When war broke out, she was able to leverage her ample wealth to lead her mercenaries and artillery unit to battle.
Eleonora Bern
Female Bishop of the church situated in the Service Nation.

Disheartened by the depravity and corruption around her, she seeks to restore virtue to the church. She rose to the rank of bishop through her honest and sincere work, and is devoted to saving the elderly, women, and children who are oppressed by the Service Nation.

As a result, she often finds herself at odds with the upper echelons of both the church and the nation. But this does not deter nor dishearten her in the slightest, for she is a woman of faith and love.
Once an ordinary prostitute, she used her beauty and sexual prowess to become the emperor’s concubine, and eventually claim the throne.

She is a tiefling, also known as a succubus, that use their powers of attraction to control those around them. She’s arrogant, selfish, and will often go back and forth on her orders based purely on a whim. Completely indifferent to other people’s suffering, she leads her life by putting her own amusement and pleasure above everything else.
Derek Rondo
General of the Service Nation’s sixth guard, also known as the Black Dog Knights.

Once a traveling mercenary, he made a name for himself in recent years in the armies of the Service Nation. His strength and his combat history have people believing him to be the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult.

His great ambition is to usurp the throne, and he possesses both the strength and knowledge to accomplish it. He will resort to any means necessary to achieve his goal.

Required CPU: 1GHz or higher
Required Memory: 512MB
Recommended Memory: 1GB
Required Resolution: 1280x960
Sounds: Direct Sound
Required Graphics: 128MB VRAM
Recommended Graphics: 256MB VRAM
Required HDD Free Space: 5.5GB
DirectX: 9.0

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