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Meteor World Actor: Badge and Dagger (download)
with Mosaics, Voiced Except Main Character
$17.95    MG point:89
On Sale:
Sep 8, 2023
Windows 8, Windows 10
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Ruka Hiryu
A detective who’s had a hard time taking his work seriously for the past ten years, ever since he lost his mentor in the Cult Massacre.

One year ago, he was forced to partner up with the rookie cop Claris, and in the course of their investigations together he reencountered the A-class criminal known as Linda. Recently, he’s been moving independently of Claris more often...

His abilities are ice-based and too powerful for him to fully control. He keeps them repressed most of the time.
Fuyumi Kadoya
An officer in Ikuta’s 1st Division, strong-willed, but formal and restrained.

She hates Ruka for being so familiar with Ikuta, despite the difference in their ranks and Ruka’s station as a lowly sideliner.

Although ordinarily a stickler for the rules, she dives headfirst into regulation-breaking when she suspects that her family may be involved in a case.
Ryoko Hara
The beautiful sole employee of the café Love & Peace.

Ruka finds her very attractive. He is hardly the only one—half the police force seems to be after her. Given how many police officers she chats with in the course of her work, she is surprisingly well-informed about internal NPA affairs.
Nagare Asakura
A detective newly reassigned to the 13th Division. Originally associated with Forensics, she has all the necessary skills to do such work.

However, she has serious problems forming human connections, mostly because she actively avoids other people. This hasn’t changed since she joined the 13th, and she rarely converses with anyone aside from the usual morning and evening greetings.
Claris Zeinburg
A fresh-faced rookie elf assigned to the 13th Division.

After a year on the job, she has begun to develop a hint of competence. Unfortunately it’s still just a hint at this stage, and she slips up in minor but important ways.

She possesses the common power of elves, an ability to control the wind that excels in mobility and defense.
The exiled princess of Genomland. Ruka saved her from pursuit by dangerous assassins.

With the heat off her for the moment, she has been working at the NPA’s cafeteria to make a living and enjoy the protection afforded by the agency’s walls.

A sweet and earnest girl by nature, she has both the older lunch ladies and the cafeteria’s clientele wrapped neatly around her finger.
Komachi Shinomiya
An officer in the traffic division, Komachi is bright, witty, and a sucker for a handsome face. Her father is a senior police commissioner.

She’s a seasoned organizer and attender of weekend mixers, through which she has a wide web of personal connections. She ends up looking after Ruka with some frequency, if not always entirely voluntarily. The two once cooperated on an undercover investigation.
Chiffon MacDougall
A segitt swordswoman who leads a simple, rustic lifestyle compelled by her chronic lack of funds. Exceptionally strong even for a segitt, she’s capable of facing down a delga one-on-one.

She lives next door to Ruka, and runs a small subsistence farming operation in the hallway. She’s also found steady employment with Strichoss’s security outfit.
Ruka’s roommate, who dwells secretly in his coat pocket. Pixies like her are rare, and popular as household pets, which makes them targets for poachers. Ruka saved her after she fell into wicked hands.

She’s a busybody and won’t keep out of Ruka’s business, but her bright cheer easily compensates. When Ruka gets up to thinks she’d rather not see, she’s considerate enough of him to go to sleep or simply pretend not to notice.
Tamako Susukino
An officer of the 13th Division, her information analysis and hacking skills are top-notch. She’s so devastatingly effective, in fact, that she tends to look down on others without even thinking about it.

Her partner on the force is the segitt Vars, and the two complement each other well. Due to the limited care she takes with her appearance, her eye-catchingly long hair is a bit of a mess.
A dangerous Keeper with a power that allows her to control the young minds of children.

More than ten years ago, she led a gang of child thieves called the Luiz, and it was in that capacity that she first crossed paths with a younger Ruka. Now, over a decade later, she still looks much the same as she did back then.

She has been assisting Ruka with his hunt for the Cult, but her true motives are still a mystery.
Iyo Daimonji
A keeper who wields powerful flames. This ability, combined with her investigative chops, has brought her to the considerable rank of Commissioner in a somewhat chauvinistic police agency.

She’s been following Ruka’s activities with interest as he pursues the Cult from the shadows.

Recommended CPU: Core i-Series Processor
Required Memory: 1GB
Recommended Memory: 2GB
Recommended Resolution: 1920x1080
Required Graphics: Pixel shader 2.0
Recommended Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Clarkdale), NVIDIA GeForce 8000, AMD Radeon HD 2000
Required HDD Free Space: 4GB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

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