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Without Mosaics, No voice
$9.95    MG point:49
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Aug 19, 2016
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
3.0 out of 5 (3 reviews)
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Age - 18

Our adventure’s protagonist. He (or she?) is the curious type, always had good grades at school, and was often spoiled by his parents. His mom and dad were adventurers back in the day, and they’ve written a handful of books about monsters. As a result, Akira’s book-smart, but definitely not street-smart.

Akira has had a tendency to wear girly clothes and play with dolls ever since he was little. His favorite doll is his Princess Pony, and, incidentally, his favorite color is purple.
Spirit Akira
Age - ???

After the Game Master messes up some stat numbers while creating Akira, this so-called "spirit" of an older version of Akira is accidentally created. He follows Akira everywhere, and he can hear the Game Master’s commands, but he cannot be heard by either of them. As a result, he has become a rather cynical individual.

He is able to take over Akira’s body during certain events, and happens to really enjoy sex. But this masochistic spirit has Akira’s well-being in mind, or so he thinks...
Age - 22

The proprietor of the Item Store located in the village where Akira lives. She is deaf and only communicates via sign language. She gets excited rather easily, and many times she signs so fast that nobody can understand her. Although she seems like a rather one-sided person, she is actually very self-conscious.

Her real name is Cherise Bobette, and her father is a Bob. For whatever reason, she has developed a certain fondness for boners, and sends Akira to acquire more for her. Her favorite color is lavender, and she loves younger boys.
Age - 741

Always on the top of every lewd monster leaderboard, Bob (who is a Bob, don’t ask) is probably the most perverted monster that exists in caves. He has the "ability" to grow boners whenever he wants. They are prized by some members of the community, but most of those people are just lonely and want to have some "fun," if you know what I mean.

Bob is the father of countless children, though many don’t realize it. Each of his boners are loaded with his semen, and they are fully capable of working without being near a Bob. Surprisingly enough, all Bob’s semen is compatible with human eggs.
Goblin A
Age - ???

One of the goblin brothers tasked with guarding the cave where the monsters live. He’s a cool guy, but he tends to speak before he thinks, and that has led to many misunderstandings with both his friends and his boss. It’s because of his impulsiveness that the brothers are in their current predicament.
Goblin B
Age - ???

One of the goblin brothers tasked with guarding the cave where the monsters live. The older of the brothers, he is the more calm and thoughtful of the two. However, whenever his brother has an idea, he typically goes along with it. As a result, he doesn’t have the best reputation with the other goblins. But despite all that, he considers Goblin A his favorite brother and will risk his life (maybe?) to help him.

Required CPU: Pentium IV 1.4GHz
Required Memory: 512MB
Recommended Memory: 1024MB
Required Resolution: 1280 x 720
Recommended Resolution: 1920x1080
Required Colors: 32bit Color
Required HDD Free Space: 550MB
DirectX: DirectX 9.0+

For the trap lover.
I beat this in 2 40-70 minute sittings.This VN has only three real "encounters" but it has a good sense of humor.If you're looking for non stop porn and a ton of cg's this is'nt for you.
A nice story, but extremely short

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